Dropping crutches

There must be an end to coaches when the family unit is totally and irrevocably understood. Does a flower seek instruction on how to be a flower?

Does it chase a bee?

Or does it draw sustainable sustenance from the earthly angle of what it is?

And, then bloom. Thus the bee comes. The field is everything. If we have the stillness within to witness it.

Religion is madness

Resurrection is madness

Insurrection is madness.

All reactive and blinding.

You and only you end that madness.

Only Surrectiion suffices now.

The evolution of evolution.

if you consider man to be a body I would say that was not sane, not fitting with logos.

But if you see with actual clarity and total perspicacity that man is a body-heart-mind and that there is no separation – and it appears to you out of the mists of time, like an image that reveals itself out of a hidden magic stereogram then we are looking at the same man. And his capacity is not dim. Not remotely. Not scarcely remotely.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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    A missunderstood vessel of H2O 🔥

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