Evolutionize evolution

There are three critical thing when you want to learn what the phrase evolutonize evolution means – remember I coined it and no one saw into it before. There’s no hyperbole or bravado in that. It is just a fact. If you go to the root of the word “fact” in Latin you must quietly commune with what makes it true. It is this in essence: something that has already happened.

This is the absolute essence and urgency of the meaning of the evolution of evolution. You cannot begin to comprehend it until you have brought the most incredible quality of faith to your ardent loving gaze….when you really penetrate what is actually going on in our world right now this line from Prince’s song: “All seven and we’ll watch them fall,” well I cannot describe the joy it brings. It is like the whole planet is being gifted something very very very freeing.

When you have that kind of faith married to your love, then, and only then, a door opens in the mind. The key that opens that door is what the Ancient Greeks called Tumos.

The very core of longing at the heart of life itself. And the door it opens? Logos – oh it melts my heart completely when I think of these two words: the dynamic empowered meaning that they gift are the very fire that drives the evolution of evolution.

Why? Because, when those things become alive in you, you are like a satellite moving at a billion miles an hour and yet you are completely still. In fact if you are in any haste whatsoever you are totally lost.

But if you have the tenacity, if you can clarify the difference between the possible and the impossible and remove all pretenses that the possible is your home, then you have come into the very seat of the nature of nature itself.

Let me whisper to you, with the utmost sincerity of the beauty of nature:

1. Nature does not know waste.

2. Nor can it fathom what possible reason life would argue not to sing. Every single day on earth the forest wakes itself with song. Every single day!

3. Logic is madness. It is the death of logos. Logos, powered by tumos, can see through every human problem and this, this, this is why nature adores man. He is the paragon of animals. But to use the appliance, you must turn it on!

When these insights engulf you, and I mean totally and thoroughly unashamedly destroy the rational deserts of the mad human mind – then you begin to be open to moving faster than any human being has ever moved before.

I do not mean on a space capsule hurtling through the void – I mean you are totally still. You are in fact the one thing in the universe that has come to a complete and total stop. In that incredible absence of movement, that absolute absence of vibration, you can make leaps in understanding at such levels of clarity that bring one into the engine room of the nature of nature itself. Because you are now urgency itself. Urgency is what ends all emergency at root.

To go there you must, wholeheartedly, drop the mechanical mind and you must have the presence of mind to stand in awe of the elephant and the dolphin and every weed on earth. You must be open to the language they are talking, the secrets that they reveal, for those secrets are there to be understood and discerned when you are absolutely quiet.

Then you can hear what the whimper of the puppy who is stressed by his owner is saying to you. You understand why he runs down thw street to be close to you because you are the quietest thing in the universe and you have completely ended the pain mechanism inside. All of nature understands that at its core. Man forgot. Now it’s time to remember.

You have let go the one thing that inspiration, guided by the deepest depths of wisdom brings to evolution, discerns with utter clarity – it is this:

There is only one disease in the mind of man.

It has many faces. But one root.

It is not scarcity.

It is the belief in scarcity in your mind.

A billionaire or a beggar may have this belief in scarcity at a chronic level.

But to he and she who is attentive, who adores the adoration in nature that knows to sing the morning into form, this belief is totally absent. And so such a human being is like a hurricane.

He or she destroys the “possible.” He is the eye of the storm of the impossible. He has forgotten what impossible means. And it that remembrance of something other that liberates man of all churches, alll diseases, all psychologists, gurus, emergency services, all greed and fear.

“All seven, and we will watch them fall.” There are not 7 sins or misperceptions. There are 9. There is not two points of wisdom in man – man and woman – that just yields mad men and women who froth at the mouth and bicker and bite. There are 3. Man, woman and creative child. Logos recognizes the profound symmetry in nature that this threesome gifts. There is no waste, there is no lack. There is no limit to non polluting energy we can harness when the mind penetrates this mystery.

Shakespeare was right, man is the paragon of animals.

But what now, what now, what now!

What lies beyond this:

At one stupendous evolutionary moment in pre-history, one of nature’s creatures separated himself from the unconscious flowing and burgeoning of nature and became conscious of himself. Prometheus stole fire. Adam ate the apple~M. Owen Lee

Well, beyond that Man becomes conscious of all I just wrote. Then the fire 🔥 no longer burns our fingers. Then, and only then, the fire of our brilliant brilliant brilliant minds lights up the skies of our hearts and all the children of our deepest longing see it together.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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