He, She, We.

You know in all of creation the madness of man is unique. Not one animal has created methamphetamines. Not one. They make you go faster so you can invade Poland or bomb Germany. All because of not looking soberly and squarely in the face the voice of insecurity. That’s it. So you race headlong into more mayhem.

Drug abuse, domestic violence and war, plagues and famine…all of it / has come from man and woman not getting on. From the psychological inflation between the sexes that created jealousy and enmity.

The 2 and 3 – the helper and the achiever in the enneagram – all born of the fear of not being enough – the most insane idea EVER.

You heal that very simply problem and all pain goes away. Because the mind of man is so incredibly exceptional. It is the paragon of animals. It can easily rise to every occasion.

In the last two weeks I have solved every single remaining problem on earth. One remains. I need to go to a library and consult a couple books that my gut tells me to do with absolute certainty.

And you know the irony is we have made altars fo madness. We have our paper money that says:

In God we trust.

I don’t believe in god. I mean all the root word means is:

That which is invoked,

Invoke means what is invited in. What do you choose to invite in? Do you want to witness the stillness of a non-resistant mind incapable of making itself a victim of misperception. It is not difficult. If one person does it with total conviction / it becomes effortless for everyone else.

I like the word life with a small “l.” You see a seed sprout up and it’s small – but look at the awesome capacity and serenity and mystery of that smallness. No word can capture it.

And we race around like angry impoverished fools worshipping totems of dead men on crosses and sterile Buddhas and mad politicians.

When we live on the most incredibly abundant planet. It takes very few things to turn the entire ship of humanity around. Think of it as a garden with a pond that you love and see yourself as the father or mother of the world – armed with total pragmatism, dynamism, humanism, fearlessness- and an all out love for nature. It is just a planet. One of bazillions in the endless universes. It follows the same principles as a decent gardener or fisherman who understand the ecology of the delicate feathered whole.

I projected ten years to end all the deserts. I can see a way very easily to feed the whole planet effortlessly. But you have to get rid of the marketeers and psychologists and coaches and holy books (most of them) and listen to uncover gifts like that. You have to be attentive to what matters. Everything else is distraction!

And when the mind comes to that kind of stillness, it is the most powerful engine. It can totally transform the earth because it has understood itself. It may take less time. It is doable. Why do we need to pay taxes for armies that protect nothing but our cherished completely and quite focused generated utterly unnecessary insecurity and self-deceit. When we are honest that is what we are most afraid of. Just letting the mask go. But you see with tremendous attention to detail and with dedicated observation – it is revealed that nature has all we need to sustain us and it. We have been granted to spy fully into the nature of nature. It is both a blessing and a privilege. Incredibly so. And we consider ourselves great. No. Greatness is found in being small. In being very still and very devoted to the incomparable beauty and symmetry of nature. Make that your altar. Forget the rest.

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1 thought on “He, She, We.”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Nathan Curry commented :
    One day Duncan Toms I shall tell you the profound significance of you pressing like the moment you did. You will cry tears of joy because you more than any one I know on this planet will understand.
    Martin Pettet commented :
    You really need to learn to still your mind and realize that all you have just said has no more meaning than the chirping of the birds in the trees outside. ‘In the last two weeks I have solved every single remaining problem on Earth.’ Come on man! (as Joe Biden would say). Cannot even you, in whatever state of mania you are in (and maybe it is natural, not induced) see that such a statement would be interpreted in the psych ward as a certain sign to up the medication?
    There is no Truth in thought, words or ideas. They are only there to gloss over and lead us astray from the glorious reality of what we really are. When we know that, we have no need for any of them any more. They just give us a headache.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Martin Pettet you are like a kite blowing in a hurricane.
    Martin Pettet replied :
    Nathan Curry But I’m right here in the eye!
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Martin Pettet nope you aren’t. I am the eye.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    You are a speck of dust denying your life by holding on to your pain.
    Martin Pettet replied :
    Nathan Curry Well I’ve got news for you, brother. Wonderful news! But you’re probably never going to hear it. You just can’t stop listening to your own mind.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Martin Pettet you utter utter utter fool. It’s the only thing one needs to listen to. Wake up goddamit man!
    Martin Pettet replied :
    Nathan Curry Not at all. It’s the one thing in the Universe you’ve got to stop listening to.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    you are the biggest fool I have ever met.
    Martin Pettet commented :
    Is that all you’ve got left? I’ll go for that. I’m a holy fool. Your Honor, I rest my case
    Nathan Curry commented :
    If you sit with it. In the deepest depths in the universe. In all of time. In all of creation. At the stillest place in the smallest place anywhere. Ever.
    You will discover my insult is the greatest gift you have ever ever ever received. I recommend you do exactly that.
    Martin Pettet replied :
    Nathan Curry Hey Nathan. I had thought we were in the Course in Miracles group here. I would never engage with someone like that on their personal page. I’m sorry, brother. Please accept my apology.
    Martin Pettet commented :
    You can delete this entire dialogue if you wish
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Martin Pettet I told you, and I do not lie – my insult was the greatest gift you could ever receive if you went to the stillest smallest place in all of time, in every known universes and all unknown ones too. Have you done that yet? Or do you still insist on the vain madness of delaying? You must die Martin before you die then you won’t care about this dialogue because you will have freed yourself from pain. For good. Because you will have seen beyond the pain mechanisms in the body-heart-mind. Now goddamit do it man. You are life. The tip of the spear. Do it!
    Martin Pettet replied :
    Nathan Curry Nathan, I’m not insulted at all. I’m glad you are able to join me in that ‘still small place.’ You just have to learn to ignore the raucous shouts of the ego mind that wants to take you away from there, and succeeds in as far as you continue to bask in those tantalizing mental illusions of yours.
    You friended me yesterday. If you’d like to private message to continue our conversation, please feel free to do so
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Martin Pettet nope you are not remotely there – not even close. You kid yourself completely. I told you you are like a kite dancing in a hurricane. You have absolutely no idea what is talking through me. None whatsoever. I want you to be immensely insulted. The only way for you to wake up is to shame the shame out of you. Period.
    Martin Pettet replied :
    Nathan Curry Now that ego is showing it’s true colors, getting vicious as it always does. I’m sorry, but I’ll never be insulted, because I know that the ‘I’ is just a dream figure.
    If you want to be real with me, and quit hiding behind your Facebook persona, you will send me a private message

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