The significance of Phlogiston

Water, shelter, space, food, dignity, fuel, electricity, power to wield the applications of mind wisely – that is given to man. Not by a god. Not by an idea. By nature herself. He is custodian of such privileges.

Oxygen burns. Hydrogen also. It’s harder to control the burning of the latter – consider:

On November 1, 1952, the United States successfully detonated “Mike,” the world’s first hydrogen bomb, on the Eniwetok Atoll in the Pacific Marshall Islands.

And, also consider: the Hindenburg massive hydrogen powered airship.

Yes, hydrogen burns with the potential for high volatility. To date, we have been more successful with oxygen.

But it is my conviction that the ancient Greeks saw into something fundamental about hydrogen Something like 88% of the universe is made of it. And it alone.

Nikola Tesla was an eagle of a man. How he clarified the nature of electricity. Einstein wrote to him once saying how in awe he was of Tesla’s achievements. He congratulated him with the utmost of reverence.

He was a renaisssance man. He could quote entire books by Goethe in German. Indeed, he had one of his most incredible breakthroughs in electrical design while quote Goethe to a friend.

Recently, among his most qualified candidates for a successor, a professional cook, made breakthroughs in Tesla’s latent work and even a University of Vancouver Professor of Physics can’t refute it. He also can’t explain it either. Tesla’s progressive universe is strange but wonderful; on many levels, and it is ever unfolding in our elaborated and progressive understanding.

Hydrogen can burn as a fuel (with great volatility) and it can burn up, as it does in the sun – which creates incredible amounts of energy. One of the fundamental units of pressure associated with that energy in the sun is called a Tesla.

Phlogiston was “disproved” to science in 19th Century England. It’s an Ancient Greek word and it means the burning up of hydrogen. The source of all power in the universe. But successful mastery of hydrogen fusion IS phlogiston. When that happens on the earth the story of science changes.

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