Abraham Lincoln

Very very very few people have ever seen into who Abraham Lincoln was. What he was up against. What he was dealing with.

Some of the problems of that period of history have gotten worse. They will get corrected exceptionally quickly now.

Others are on the brink of disappearing. Thank wombats! We live on the brink of a golden age of humanity. Nay! It is here. But Lincoln opened a door for all of us. Few, very few see it.

But he was a master of strategy. Because he was not interested, not one iota, in seeing himself in the world, all he wanted to do was see the world in himself.

When you see that in him, that opens the most extraordinary set of doors.

Those doors evolutionize man. Like we have never ever seen before, and I doubt, the likes of which we shall ever, ever ever see again. More than anything on this beautiful earth his smile has carried me through the toughest of times to somewhere no human before had imagined. Blessed indeed.

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    Nathan Curry commented :
    Sid Anand
    Max Shenk commented :
    I’ve got dozens of favorite Lincoln anecdotes and quotes, but this is my current favorite…

    Nathan Curry replied :
    Max Shenk classic!! So much fun!
    Nathan Curry commented :
    My friend Tara Singh understood Lincoln – but not as deeply as I do. He intuited something and pointed me to go look into him. Lincoln knew what I know. What Darwin knew. Very few others can see it. But those days are numbered. There are very very very few of those days left. Very few indeed.

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