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I wonder who this is today?

Have you found his voice in you?

Would you attack such a man?

When you do you attack all of humanity with your shallowed pained casualness?

Would you see him in a crowd?

Would you stop? I mean totally stop and not think you know a thing?

Would you?

Could you?

Can you see the money and importance that is not important and not wealth?

Can you see into the garden where the seated feted happy friends actually are?

Can you find his voice in you and can you see how he today can see far far far more than what he saw back then.

Then you have started, if that door of questioning has opened just a mere fraction, you have started to fathom the incredible infinite indigo depths of the nature of nature, the evolution of evolution.

And that’s just the beginning! 😉

But if you come to yourself in haste, if you come to that stunning well of beauty, meaning and merit in you with total urgency and no room for fear or condemnation of a single person…then you may begin to hear the sweetness of his voice within you.

It is your voice.

Anonymous (2011) ‘You are the soul of the age’
Ben Jonson speaks to Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, who is represented in the film as the true voice of Shakespeare.

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