The Value of a Book

We forgot something very important. We forgot the meaning of what a book is. A book comes from the word beech – an edible oak.

Old English bēce, of Germanic origin; related to Latin fagus ‘beech’, Greek phagos ‘edible oak’.

A real book feeds you. It nurtures and nourishes what is vital in you. Our books will be available free online and in certain formats. You can also buy the paper books. They will be printed following the logos guidelines of the Savory Institute.

The books that get written through me are no different to the fish that get swam or the feet in you that walk, or the hands in me that sculpt.

You can read them very soon, my collected words and works and other books that are helpful (there are very few right now) at the link below.

The yoga sutras and the karma sutra are books that focus the essential aspects of yoga and the exploration of sexual subtleties.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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