Ending the pain mechanism

This cartoon says: the state vs the people.


It’s the refusal to look at the protection of the pain mechanism.

No more.

No less

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Yangbin Wu commented :
    Could you elaborate?
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Yangbin Wu I am about to in a way you would never dream possible. Because you can’t see what I am saying if you are fast asleep.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    I am saying you are the only the authority. And that when you use your heart-mind’s power and see what the personality mechanism does you wake up. Extremely quickly.
    Patrice Ayme commented :
    I say: systems. Cartoon in hyper bad taste, BTW…
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Patrice Ayme How to see into what matters:
    The thing that is important to see is that creation from the standpoint of the profoundly creative – it’s not about everyone. It’s not about generalization. It’s about what liberates you.
    And by inflection if you become liberated – then a toddler is going to scream and shout when you refuse to agree with their pained story – if you can no longer invest in a sense of victimhood then the mind goes to an entirely different plane – but it cannot evade what is true and what is exclusively true is the joy and the light and the brilliance in the human being and in nature.
    When that happens in the mind – when that aspect of man and nature becomes the only reality – one isn’t capable of becoming another’s door mat – there can be profound waves of emotion -but the new set mind that has become very very quiet is like a supernova- it can’t fall for any trap or deny what is real in another.
    It can’t attack anyone or self. Not as an idea but actually. But then a big part of what follows is this strange game where people around one try to self-sabotage and one just cannot support that so a wall goes up which refuses to support the self-sabotaging. It’s like a mother who acts to remove the sharp knife from a baby’s unaware hands.
    There is no condemnation mechanism left operating. But shame is used very wisely to end shame.
    So it is not about how long it takes for another to see beyond their pain. All that accounts is that you stay focused on the truth about another (which merely reflects you) that lies beyond that pain mechanism.
    That’s a holographic truth. When it’s lived fully it creates a supernova that ends all madness and attack. When it’s denied it cannot not create enmity and holocausts.
    That’s it. And the evolution of evolution recognizes that no one can sustain their enmity and upset when you don’t give the pain mechanism voice the power the screaming toddler believes defines their perception, then it’s not about how long a time it takes to heal from the madness. It’s about what cannot help erupt from that very still state that sees to the healed root and addresses nothing else.
    Remember, though, that you can still soothe the toddler with what they really need – love and connection – even while you refuse to agree with their pain…
    Yes, that is true.
    But the important thing is not to open the door until they have ended their screaming.
    Until they have seen the calm loving healed presence inside of them; the one that has forever given up the belief their mad fight and flight ever happened.
    All that you see is their loving presence embracing us.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    You are wrong.
    Patrice Ayme commented :
    Pain is (most often) my friend. Truth is generally my friend. “Generally” as in general officer, a general officer upon my soul.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Patrice Ayme not any more.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Unless you mean the pain that is gifted to release all pains.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Feliciie Charles why the angry face? Yes you.

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