Forget Impossible

This public group (and the Reddit one of the same name)!fires the dialogue that is the engine behind the wiki

Through the dialogues initiated there one can witness, and if so inspired, contribute to, the clarified discussions that transform planet earth from its current state that has a few blue zones (where a blue zone is defined as a locale where people enjoy exceptionally healthy long happy lives) littered across its surface, to what we choose to term “the white unbound.”

When you mix blue (sea and sky) and green (vegetation) you get cyan. When you mix brown (fertile earth), which is actually a dark yellow and if you add cyan blue to yellow you get white.

A healed earth has many different clear aspects. But as a long term focused goal we seek to expand the blue zones exponentially across the surface of the earth, to help us clarify that end, we have been inspired by the term: “The White Unbound.”

We do not advocate dreaming big. Rather, we argue for the inevitability of The White Unbound version of our tremendous Earth, when we prioritize waking up to who we really are.

Homo sapiens fabula

The wise storytelling ape. The exclusive focus of the group is to rethink everything of consequence and use that dialogue to drive what we consider a worthwhile enterprise.

The right seed planted in the right soils can reside and rewrite the world and by prioritizing this focus we mean to generate a gentle surrectiion that brings about an irrevocable, profound and total transformation in our gardened Eden. We focus on the core subject matters and challenges that the Sutranovum group was designed to tackle. A link will be added to clarify what they are soon. Feel free to join and invite others if the above overview resonates.

Thanks 🙏you.

Nathan Curry Sutranovum Logos Community


The purpose of this group and the Reddit sub-community of the same name is to drive the evolution of the evolution of mankind’s clearest sanest logos on the planet right now.

We focus squarely on confronting, without any distraction, resolving the core challenges facing man. We are confident this path is secure and wise. This is a public group and anyone may contribute. Posts that do not fit our specified focus shall be deleted without need for explanation.

We invite you to an inspired journey and encourage you to see yourself in everyone and to rethink everything.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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