Giving peace a chance: on possible avenues,…

Warmongers who can’t see it the woods of mistrust for the trees of solidarity, and humanists

Relatively recently, Elon Musk participated in a discussion with United States Air Force officials. He stated that the age of the fighter pilot was over. The drone now reigned supreme.

In the Second World War the British soldiers that controlled Singapore scanned the seas and the sky for Japanese fighters and bombers and destroyers on the horizon. The Japanese landed 5 hours drive north in Malaysia. They invaded by bicycle. The British did not see that coming.

And so, the Japanese took an almost impossible target. On bicycles.

Strategy matters. Second only to vision.

Musk is right. But, only partially.

I cried tears of happiness the night Obama became President. Then, he became the drone warfare president, like none before. 

Affluence without wisdom is self-destructive.

The Taliban, the fires 🔥 in California and Australia; all stem from the same fearful badly managed mind.

And should you report to me of impassioned impossibilities, therein, blocking the proliferation of true vision, I commit to you, as your true friend, I shall never lend an iota of significance to such conviction; I do commit to that. Most solemnly so.

To conflate friendship with anything else is pure conceit.


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