The benefit of the right perspective

Nikola Tesla was right. Jiddu Krishnamurti was also right.

Tesla said that when man learns to tap the hidden power of the hydrogen atom and the ether and the electricity therein there would be a quantum leap in human evolution unsurpassed in history.

Krishnamurti, said that when the mind is very quiet it can jump a million years of evolution and enter an enlightened state.

Steven J Gould, the evolutionary biologist, studying the incredible Pre-Cambrian explosion of life forms formulated the idea of punctuated equilibrium.

It means that, contrary to Darwin’s general idea, shifts in nature are often explosive and fast and radical. With long periods of quite in between.

There are many chord of music in evolution’s repertoire.

The Galapagos finches inspired Darwin to think about evolution by natural selection. A recent experiment clarified that if you feed seed eating billed birds berries for a generation they give birth to berry eating billed birds.

I saw a train of firemen in Southern California the other day. Maybe 8 assorted trucks and transport vehicles. We are fighting fire with what level of foresight?

How much are we pondering the significance of the Galapagos finches experiment with the same attentions on beavers, forest fires and the seeds of trees like the redwood? I don’t think the native Americans nor the modern settlers have really learned of the deeper nature of the local ecology. When one deliberates to look down on the problem from the meta level of what is evolutionary in terms of ecology here?

I feel that the benefit of the right perspective – man as custodian of the earth; inquiring into the challenge between the tools of artifice we yield vs the maturity or lack of it in the workman who wields it. Imagination favors the bold. And the meek (in the true sense of that word).

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