Homo sapiens fabula

I have discovered, through being very honest, that the wisdom of yesteryear, well, how to put this, hmm.

Things evolve over time. But beyond that, outside of the realm of space time, there lies a deeper evolution. One can call that, the evolution of evolution.

What we once were, even at our very wisest, because of where our genetics used to be, and I mean in every civilization gone before, there were limits, limits that, when we are very very still inside, we can go far far far beyond now; individually, as families, as communities, and at every level of community, right up until the planetary level.

We can, and must, and, when a deeper trust is engaged, we surely do undo the stain of our past self-inflicted wounds. When we recognize our name.

Our name is:

Homo sapiens fabula

The man who is as wise as the stories he decides to tell himself.

Where there are choices there is confusion. The heart rushes in where the deeper mind fears to tread.

This deeper mind engages the heart fully but most carefully. It learns to trust in the goodness in oneself, and in one another; in a hidden symmetry that ever desires to reveal herself to us, if we can but stop.

Yesterday I was walking by a house and I heard two adults yelling at two children. The children were running in the garden laughing. The adults were telling them to stop.

The irony though was that in that moment the children were completely still inside, even though they were running. The parents were sitting down, stock still. But they had not stopped inside. Because I had, I could see this.

I smiled to myself. A year ago, even a few weeks ago, and a few days ago, I wouldn’t have seen that scene for what was actually happening.

By stopping I mean not judging another who doesn’t appear to me to listen. But listening to what appears to me to judge inside my mind and discriminating something else.

I mean listening carefully to what is talking so as to learn of who I am in what is talking in me or in another. Moment to moment.

When you do that completely you find the need for all police and armies and gurus and doctors and therapists completely disappears. And the needless perpetuation of cycles of boom and bust, war and famine also drops away, because the behavior that causes it has been attended to.

Who I am, who I really am, and this is true for all of us, is incapable of attaching of defending. It is another state. One bouyed by great levity and not weighed down by a belief in scarcity. It, and it alone, has the capacity to forget impossible. It has nothing to prove, no haste in it, and can’t condemn. It can shame shame out of the mind but it cannot, no matter what you say or do, ever, ever, ever,… stop loving you.

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Curry

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