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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Ted Wrigley commented :
    Suppose you’re crowing at day break
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Ted Wrigley the rooster is an incredible animal. Such beauty and Grace when appreciated for who they actually are. Such elegance.
    meaning and valued activity when around a hen. If we grant them the right space, of which, if we care to look with new eyes, there is ample space.
    Most people are stuck between feeling important and feeling unworthy. A rooster is just a rooster. No more and no less.
    Their song inspires the seeds to sprout and their feet open up the earth, their poop fertilizes the soil. We can learn a great deal from such a creative creature. When we completely stop we get to see them. For, as with all nature, they reveal themselves to he or she who has divested themselves of all importance or lack of it, he or she who has learned to value what is worthy of valuing.
    In such things one can see into the heart of what matters.
    Ted Wrigley commented :
    True enough roosters make no apologies

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