Viruses and Evolution

Viruses always appear to hasten human evolution. This one is exceptionally powerful as it teaches a lesson never ever understood before.

The biggest leap in human history is imiplicit in what it gifts us.

It’s quite beautiful when you see the incredible gift it has for us.

Remember that buried in any pain is a hidden treasure.

The European dragon guards the maiden and the treasure trove, neither of these can he put to good use. He just hoardes and guards. He is fear and greed and on every scale is written:

“You should”


“You should not”

And things like that that come from fear.

A pain, like a dragon, is a block, something human beings have neither fully understood nor seen/ slain.

What humans have failed to understand is that all disease, all viruses – none of them are healed by vaccines. That’s purely palliative.

To undo the pain of repeating viruses one has to understand the work of Nikola Tesla and Georg Groddeck and the nature of the plasma that makes the sun.

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