Faith, Hope, Love

But, then another day you wake up and you see that there is no greatest of the three.

There is only the three in the one.

Then, everything and everyone dramatically changes.

Then, the city elephant at the city of the blind is fully seen.

The Angles that others miss are proportionate and in the mud of space and time, you are granted seeds to plant.

Where that been death and decay, duality and madness, now, the balanced fulfilled lotus of logos blooms.

There is, in each one, a mirror to something not born, a fortitude that cannot die. It is an indomitable strength.

When we clean that mirror within, and gaze upon it with eyes wide open, the past is released, and the story begins afresh. It is a gateway to a tale of wonder written by you the scribe.

You die then to all your yesterdays, to your clever folly and all the shadow pains made real by investing in thoughts not your own.

After many trials, many tests, one fine day, you wake to see looking back at you, reflected in the still waters of your contemplative self, “three things abide: faith, hope, love…” and your being becomes saturated with the awareness that “the greatest of these is love.”

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