Stopping inwardly

Make it all people please (see photo)

A very real and profoundly peaceful surrection is launched through me when I say what I am about to say, and say it I must.

When we stop, when we fully stop, well, then, we are still. Then, we may act. And the most pressing act of all is this: to quit believing what is simply not true.

What is that? Well, we got all fired up on a falsehood. And even though we dismiss it as insignificant, it is not; even though we believe there is ample experimentation in our hidden brews of activity to make normal people sane, we are mistaken, and absolutely so.

Nevertheless, we do try to persuade ourselves that this is how we like it. We are wrong. We have been wrong and when we adamantly deny that we are and have been wrong, when we stubbornly persist in arguing we are right, when we clearly are not, well, then we pay a bitter price, one we ought not to pay.

Good enough is good enough. We have argued that it isn’t. Still, curiosity is; it is what shapes our nature and it has, and ever will, forge and shape all our tools.

While it is true, that better is forever out there, inviting celebration, it is truer still that there is an implicate wisdom woven into the thread of what is.

When we actually do stop, thoroughly so, this vast hidden major reality becomes first and foremost the view and that violent reactionary view we for so so long have clung to, it, it,….recedes.

The end to all the crazed insecure children of our not insignificant problems is there then in plain sight. This, this is the most significant thing.

We need to switch off what have turned on. In so doing, the lie is not and the truth is invited to reveal herself.

No more born again. Rather: Born now. The past is over. What is born is born now, new. It is not the continuation of the old. It is fresh. Leave what, well leave what is actually behind us, leave it now behind, completely.

It is a desert which cannot feed our very beautiful very necessary want and needs. In the desert of the barren ways of the mad past nothing grows. In the familiar grove of here and now all that is vital, is seeded, is sprouted and is seen to flourish.

1 thought on “Stopping inwardly”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Harry Sanders commented :
    “Your Body is not a Temple, its an Amusement Park. Enjoy the Ride. – Anthony Bourdain.”
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Harry Sanders time to hit the town of a gentler happier ride. The tide has turned. There’s no going back to that madness any more. Thank goodness!
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Well he got lost in mad swings and roundabouts and flew too close to the sun, like Icarus.
    Those days are numbered.
    Indeed they are gone.
    It’s the only temple there ever was, or ever will be. The body of nature also.

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