Livery vs Weaponry

Today I had an actual conversation with one of the key actors behind the hands that guided the missiles onto the scorched earth of Afghanistan and Iraq. The Top Gunned navigator of the weaponry that lacerated and killed with uncommon precision.

And I told him of my plans to upend this scorched earth policy for the good of our children’s children’s children, by employing the deeper wisdom of unmitigated real clear livery.

My allegiance to the dedicated specter of that light scared the hell out of him. And, rightly, it should.

The only way to end shame is to shame shame out of its meaningless defiant mad utterly errant argument. It has no place in the world of men. For man is made for better things.

Not the “better” of a lost youth, but the true “better” of a born youth that is younger than in youth. The fighter pilots may think they go fast. But they are mistaken.

The fastest thing on this earth is a totally still mind that has the presence of heart to love the countless unborn children of every race and creed and celebrate that great healed symphony and its destined peaceful overtures now, now, now. For this reason, and this reason alone,

America was born. And I celebrate this truth and embody it fully. I merely exist a moment to invite you to see and do the same. Then this tired squandered earth may be born anew as every fiber of its being demands of us.

Deny this and you deny the earthly beauty and heavenly clouds of your undisputed humanity.

It is time, without pretense, or meaningless ceremonies, to let our pointless weapons go, and, embrace a deeper, very real, totally attuned trusting heart guided mind instead.

High time, indeed.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    David Haglund commented :
    Good Ole born again boy!
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Nope. No more born again. Born now. The past is over. What is born is born now, new. It is not the continuation of the old. It is fresh. Leave what was behind, well leave it completely.
    David Haglund commented :
    Lol. Unborn born!
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Nope born. Period. Now. And then now. Then now again. And on and on.
    David Haglund commented :
    This is trlurning to good comedy brother.! Thanks. 🙏
    Nathan Curry replied :
    David Haglund
    Resurrection is returning someone, or something from the dead. You can resurrect a dead proposal for some sort of business deal for instance, and of course there is the resurrection of Jesus.
    Surrection is typically used as a term in geology, it means upheaval basically. It could describe some of the mountains which tectonic forces caused to erupt from the earth.
    Insurrection is a political or military uprising against a government that is in power. Generally they are violent in nature.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    I’m only interested in surrendering to surrection.
    Everything else is distraction.
    And very very toxic to ones being. Why would one mindlessly indulge in that?
    If one is totally sane, one sees this is no laughing matter.
    David Haglund replied :
    Nathan Curry you’re free to do whatever you wish. Go for it.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    David Haglund I shall almost certainly be turning away from your banter – until I see evidence of incubation and digestion. You love to wag your tongue but to talk without clarified purpose is self-destructive. It would be unloving of my resolve to be real and clear in al I do – and unloving of the evolution of your evolution to do otherwise. So I won’t.
    David Haglund replied :
    Nathan Curry serve the creator of evolution. The life giver. In pledging that u will have a mission and destiny.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    David Haglund I need no guidance thanks.
    David Haglund replied :
    Nathan Curry no, u only give it, unsolicited. Lol
    Nathan Curry replied :
    David Haglund I do as I please.
    I am free. Unbound.

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