The voyage of humanity

Humanism is the end of patriarchies and matriarchs and its gurus. The end of reactionary thinking and Buddhas and masters and messiahs.

It is the reinstatement of man: the paragon of animals. It is the recognition of who looks back at you in the mirror of experience. Grandeur is not a dead thing. There is no grandiosity in it. None at all. It is immensely small and still and so it can move through all things and end deception at every level.

The voyage of humanity ends the hatred and the mad prophets. It reunites man with man and the family of man. Which is no small thing. Not at all. It just can’t be seen by he who is self-inflated.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    David Haglund commented :
    Communism was a great attempt to create a humanism without God. And maybe this is the next atheist humanist global religion. Is it called Humanism?
    Nathan Curry replied :
    David Haglund
    specialness isn’t always a disease
    Sometimes (often actually and i would be a fool not to see this and undermine those who have loved you the most for good reason) ones family comes first.
    Heaven is this world. Nowhere else
    The holy instant is bullshit
    Be wholeheartedly invested in what your inner gifts are and what your interests are. Everything else is distraction. Resistance is futile.
    There is no Holy Spirit
    No god in heaven
    No son of god
    All utter bullshit.
    Life is.
    Man is.
    Woman is.
    Child is.
    Drop your male gods.
    Drop your female gods.
    All are infantile.
    Embrace the triune society:
    Embrace humanism
    Embrace pragmatism.
    Put EVERY other ism on the funeral pyre.
    EVERY single last one of them.
    Be authentic.
    Honor the 🌍 Earth.
    Honor the evolution of evolution, the nature of nature, in yourself.
    Forgive everyone.
    Prioritize Self love without being blind by psychological inflation, nor self-interest.
    Drop your mad savior figures and your mad sex starved Buddhas and all idols.
    Be wholly yourself.
    Shame shame into “out of touch.”
    Put your false modesty aside and be fully human beyond mad insecure spiritual egos that claim your perfection.
    Be imperfect.
    But wholeheartedly so.
    Simplify, simplify, simplify….
    But not too much nor narcissistically.
    Do all of the above and undo all defenses and attacks in oneself
    Be dedicated
    Be self reliant but vulnerable enough to accept your present limitations
    But not ignorant enough to believe them,…
    And you find you are a man my son,…
    If you but see the beauty and undeniable strength reflected in all, as a delectable reflection of what you are…
    then you are home.
    Here and now.
    Within yourself.
    Live only this.
    Reject all else.

    triune society | Sutranovum Institute
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Climb the highest mountain. Then rest, then climb some more.
    Find grandeur within.
    Do all this.
    Recognize it is enough.
    David Haglund commented :
    Maybe you are it’s anti messiah messiah. Lol
    Nathan Curry replied :
    I am a man. No more no less. No different to anyone else. I am wholly that and nothing else.

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