Lesson 76 – A Course in Miracles

The Course in Miracles made some grave errors. I see through them. All of them.

But I also see the correct insights the book offers.

This is one of them:

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    David Haglund commented :
    What are it’s top three grave errors
    Nathan Curry replied :
    David Haglund I have given you more than 3 – in the spirit of the best of the spirit of what is real in it. The rest is up to you to gleefully bring to application. But, that’s a good start 😉
    Nathan Curry commented :
    David Haglund hmm strange. I typed an answer but it didn’t get posted.
    Hey Mark Suckerberg – or shall I call you by your real name? The one your parents named you- time to stop the control trips huh?!
    Mark Zuckerberg.
    That’s your name Sir.
    I am tired of your petty control trips. Aren’t you?
    Grow up!
    Ok, enough of that. Either he needs or he continues his petty paranoia games.
    Either way I am unaffected.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Here goes again.
    Specialness isn’t always madness.
    Your family matter. They gave you life. Promise you new life too. Depending who you refer to when you specify family.
    God isn’t.
    Life is.
    Man is.
    Woman is.
    Children and creative children are.
    The triune society is:
    Pragmatism is.
    Humanism is.
    Drop all other -isms.
    All of them.
    They are all projections of the insecure mind.
    They do not serve your growth.
    They are reactionary mind.
    They inhibit. Period.
    There is no heaven beyond that is relevant to living now.
    Live fully.
    Don’t make sex a dark thing.
    Do not condemn another based on their culture.
    See in them the heart tinted mind – drop the rest.
    Don’t make the error of making the sacred and the profane real.
    There is only the sacred.
    Everything else is a scared/scarce lie.
    All bitterness is an inner projection you can drop.
    Drop it.
    Don’t make Darwin a dark man. He wasn’t.
    He is helpful to understanding the whole.

    triune society | Sutranovum Institute
    Nathan Curry commented :
    David Haglund the biggest mistake of the course is to believe that duality is to be overcome – that is actually ironic because it perpetuates it.
    That’s been the error of all religions until now. The yin and yang is plain wrong.
    Holy spigot
    All plain wrong
    Man /masculine
    Woman / feminine
    Child / innocence
    All of which are aspects of the I am
    Only the triune society is sane
    I am not a victim of the world I see
    In my defenselessness safety lies – true
    You have to go off to be a saint in the woods – false
    Be yourself
    Use the internet
    Watch porn
    Whatever is supportive of you being whole
    Find a good man or woman or whatever works for you
    (Avoid bestiality and child abuse on any level but find a way to heal the hate that perpetuates pain).
    Be fully human.
    God is dead.
    Life and man are.
    Amen (means celebrate reality).
    Nathan Curry commented :
    David Haglund don’t make the body into a sin – Helen did because of her misunderstandings.
    Forgive her.
    It isn’t (a sin). Wrong use of mind seen through ends this.
    David Haglund replied :
    Nathan Curry maybe it’s not wither or but and and
    Nathan Curry replied :
    David Haglund there is no lack
    So and and
    Matthew Hardy commented :
    What? Are you advocating against vaccines?
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Hardy ad-vo-cate (origin)

    Nathan Curry commented :
    To advocate means, at its root, to call, to call things by their name, to address things as they are.
    That is all I am doing.
    No more, no less.
    When you inhabit Tesla’s work completely and you connect that with Joseph Campbell’s work and Georg Groddeck, Carl Jung and Robert A Johnson and Neville Goddard, Helen Schucman and Leonard Cohen, and Claudio Naranjo and Tortila Albert, and Lamarck, Charles Darwin, Mendel and George Price, Einstein, David Bohm’s holographic universe/an aspect of string’s theory and finally Allan Savory/Rudolph Steiner/Paul Tillich/Goethe/Alan Chadwick/Steve Gundry and you remove all their errors,…
    You see it.
    Then you can understand what I am saying:
    “A virus does not hijack.
    A virus is hijacked.”
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Nathan Curry commented :
    What I see that no one else yet sees – like Einstein and Darwin did in their time – it changes everything.
    I believe Islam has the phrase:
    Eid Mubarak
    It means
    Blessed Eid
    Or Blessed Festival
    When you penetrate the meaning of the nature of nature, of the evolution of evolution – it is the most extraordinary thing.
    The most extraordinary thing! A blessed festival of uplifting light.
    All born out of the quietest, darkest, blackest place in the mind of the mind.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    I couldn’t have done what I did without all those people and more – but it is done now and like Einstein and Darwin and Tesla and Campbell, Helen Schucman etc etc there is no way back to where we once were.
    Thank man!
    Matthew Hardy commented :
    After developing a vaccine that saved countless children from crippling disease & death, Jonas Salk did what was asked of him & then went back to work. He didnt talk in riddles or parse his sentences like he was reading from a fortune cookie. He sure as shit didnt compare himself to Einstein or Darwin. Jonas Salk was the impetus in eradicating a scourge of this Earth & made it a better place. You post drivel on Facebook. Somehow you slipped on your own bullshit, got your head lodged up your ass, & mistook the view for nirvana. Find some perspective, you fucking lunatic.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Hardy what is the difference between the sun and a sun flare?
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Matthew Hardy you can attack me – but I am not insecure – so I am unaffected. Answer my question or runaway and protect your pain mechanism. Either way I don’t take it personally.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    I am immensely threatening to you – because you define yourself in the garb of a form of healing that is utterly utterly utterly insane.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Another river beckons when you understand what this means:
    A virus does not hijack
    It is hijacked
    Until you do garner what that means, all your conditioned training automatically attacks a mind like mine.
    Einstein wrote his papers and 100 men wrote a book arguing he was wrong. Wisely, he simply said:
    Isn’t one enough?
    Insecurity attacks.
    Wisdom is secure in its defenselessness.

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