The Triune Society

This is an example of a “wisdom” from the past that isn’t wise at all.

One might say we have passed from the age of the 2 to the 3. From patriarchy and matriarchy to clarity.

Clarity sees that no one can sit on a two legged stool. There are three legs to the stool of humanity.




Each have their wisdom – to prioritize one above the other is insane. They dance in alignment together.

In every moment there are 3 energies at work

The masculine

The feminine

The creative child of those two energies.

Our genetic and cultural codes have argued two is company and three is a crowd. While that is true for marriage – the energy of the three still applies because without aligned focused intent – the vision of ones creative marriage – one is lost.

To lose that is to lose your humanity. Overlooked, it is the seat of all human pain at the meta level. Integration of it, births an unfathomably beautiful vision of a vista that is now actually unfolding in form.

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