Sickness is of the mind

This is by a doctor on LinkedIn today.

It’s long been my conviction that doctors live in the city of the blind. It took a doctor named Dr Georg Groddeck to show me that that was true. And the story of a man named Cabeza de Vaca.

When I understood that viruses don’t hijack they are hijacked then all the madness that rules the collective mind of man dropped away.

The doctor who posted this is wrong.

We came dressed to kill death.

We leave fully clothed in joy having long long long ago killed death

We arrived strong.

When this is understood the madness that is medicine is undone.

Sickness is of the mind.

It has nothing to do with magic pills. Nothing to do with the body. Looking for healing there is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

We are healed when we confront that lie.

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