Illuminating history.

The greatest error human beings make is to dwell on the past. Unless the focus gifts treasures that others miss.

The past can reveal anomalies and those anomalies can accelerate human beings into a different orbit.

The past is a history of war and psychosis and every new pain illicited a longing for a breakthrough.

When America was born we moved from the fight of King Henry the 8th with the Pope over who manages religion to say and do what to Lincoln who assures us that “Rightness is invested with the instruments of safety by the Heavens.” He ended the slave trade in one of the bloodiest battles in human history.

Then, Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays comes to America and launches the marketing revolution. He uses subliminal images to sell people things they do not want nor necessarily need and then the mantle of power for religious authority passes from the church to the state to the financial skyscraper.

Now we have used Bernay’s techniques to sell people lies at the highest levels of power. We have invented lobbying firms who do not have even an ounce of integrity nor wisdom.

When the first goatherders came to the amazing lush land that was the Sahara they did exactly the same thing to the marketeers that run Washington and Wall Street. They did not understand management. Not even remotely. So they created lack. They created enmity. They created deception.

And buried in this story were two world wars. The world wars lead to Vietnam and then the hippies exploded on the scene and in reaction to the horror of war they dropped lots of drugs and declared an amnesty on guns in favor of “free love.”

Turn on, tune in, drop out

That became the new mantra

When faced with an incredible pain most people run away into drugs, into reactionary mind states. Into attacking and defending – whether their egos attacking others or their egos attacking themselves. It’s all the same thing.

Or they turn to religion and become hermits or monks or nuns or priests or gurus. If those movements are a river; it must be recognized there is another river.

Any decent psychologist or psychiatrist knows that the weapon that causes the wound that causes a pain is the one thing that must be understood for the pain to go away permanently.

When we drop out into drugs or religion or any escape we do not confront the wielder of the weapon that has caused us our pain.

The America that was born on the back of Lincoln’s defiance to preserve the Union, became a superpower. And after the world wars the Cold War was what came next.

Human beings have a habit when not privy to what is actually going on – of attacking the very thing that can cure them of their pain.

One could cite innumerable examples but monoculture in agriculture, growing food out of vital soils, the police. the army, modern economics, all religions and atheism, the majority of psychotherapy, most of our political movements and lobbyists- all actually attack the solutions and reinforce the deeper problem they represent that is overlooked.

I once wrote a song with the lyric “lipstick on the lips of a fool.” We are that fool. We need not be. But we have chosen to be that. If one observes the nature of nature one begins to understand this. One begins to excavate the great madness we have created. We have manifested an aberration. A pained madness and we expect our doctors and our experts and our guns to cure the problem. They cannot.

The problem lies in not trusting in ourselves. That lack of trust creates greed and psychological inflation. That incredible speed that we think defines our intelligence actually defines our stupidity. To go beyond any pace of change ever encountered in the history of mankind we have to become completely still inside. Very very few human beings actually understand the last sentence I just wrote.

There was a fat sluggish man who ate a big lunch and he sat down under a tree and a small poisonous snake crawled down into his mouth. A man passing by jumped off the horse and gave the man the Heimlich Maneuver. He thought he was being mugged or raped. He was actually being saved from dying. He went from death to life in that moment.

The problem with all our religions and our philosophy and our society is that they overlook the biggest problem under the hood of the mind of man. The relationship between men and women. This when not understood has created the nuclear explosion that is reactionary feminism, divorce, turn on, tune in, drop out. It created the problems between Lincoln and his wife and between Christians and gay people. And it created gay people. The fear of the other created the fear of the same. It created orthodoxy and it created profanity. It made sex something misunderstood and loaded with guilt and it made religions that grew fat from that guilt.

There is a corollary between the issues with the genders and the issues with our treatment of the Earth.

But to look into the all seeing eye of the evolution of evolution one must be very still to witness what is actually happening beyond the noise of a pained past. The pained past includes every civilization gone before us on this Earth. Every single one. All were bound to this deception and with the granting of great technological power and the madness of the unseen distortions in our religions and our farming practices and industrial practices and industry we invested more and more in our running away from our hidden pain mechanism. Rather than doing the sensible thing: confronting it.

When some one sees into the deception: they have a decision to make: do you point it out or do you let humanity continue to burn?

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