A Virus does not hijack – it is hijacked

We are on the brink of the biggest moment of evolution in the history of humanity. Not even evolution. Evolution of evolution.

What we believe is happening around us is not what we think is happening.

Not even remotely.

We look at a bee and we call it a wasp.

But it is not a bee. It is a wasp.

A virus does not hijack.

It is hijacked.

I understand this more deeply than anyone who has walked the earth.

The biologists definitely don’t get it. The newspapers don’t. The doctor don’t. They are like people looking for keys on the road outside a hut when the keys themselves were lost in the dark hut and they have managed to persuade themselves to think that they can find them in the road because there’s more light out there.

When everyone else catches up (and the mind has to be immensely still to move that fast) they are going to kick themselves.

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