The busier you are the lazier you are. True productivity has a simplicity, an elegance, a spaciousness to it.

Carl Jung was so busy being aloof that he missed things. It was a residue of fear. Peter Kingsley made the same error.

Both argue how one cannot be the archetype. That is wise only when the archetype is mad. Any messiah is mad. Any Buddha is mad. Any healer trying to repair a broken hut in the street beyond the hut is mad.

The hut is healed relationships. To heal them you have to be the healed version of them. Not go to the market for scaffolding and stay in the market.

If you want to understand it go to Mother Theresa who became the mother to the world. Well, we are all that, and the father. But she said: She would have no work if families loved themselves. She got lost in her own private messiah trip. She didn’t heal her family.

Look if a therapist is happily married. I mean profoundly deeply happily married. If they are where is the room for messiahs and shadow therapists and your legions of 2 enneatype archetype therapist helpers then? They are not. You don’t busy around helping pass it on. You live it.

Thankfully. See that and everyone changes. That’s the archetype I took on as a garb for a while because it was completely sane to do so. To end that pestilential war. The fleeting thorn to remove the thorn. Back to sanity for all. Not in some other world. Just see this one for what it is. Dump the dumb past. It’s over. You can’t help but become a “master” of procrastination and weaponry when you avoid this.

Hence this is wrong:

physician heal thyself

It should be: End the belief in the need for physicians. That is birth. One incubates that wisdom and it happens. It’s called humanism. Just happy families (the I am which contains 3).

No coaches.

No viruses.

No medicine.

Humanism. The medicine to end medicine.

Where are all your worriers now?

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