When you stumble upon knowledge, you come to a new place in life.

Not the “knowledge” of the men in their ivory towers of academia and the spiritual teachers – no, not what they confuse for “knowledge.”

That’s more often than not, if not all the time, just about the same as the the men and women who comment on the makeup of the nature of the elephant that comes to the City of the Blind.

Some describe it as a thick rope that is turning in the breeze, others say it’s like a soft tree trunk that moves, others argue that it is more like a massive tree root with rough hairy skin.

I do not speak of that quality – I speak of a deeper understanding that allows me to see the entire elephant with the blindfold off. Not just the blindfold but the masks of personality and the hygiene masks of fear.

When you stumble upon knowledge, you come to a new place in life.

Ahead of you is a vast and dark unknown.

And it is in the mirror of that vista that you become aware that:

The person who imagines the world differently from all those who have gone before, he who combines the insights of those who thought radically differently into a unified whole, and takes that perspective and pushes it out through the prism of a clarifying genius of a totally new vibration of perspective, filtered, such a man can do the things that no one can else imagine. And he does it by seeing the quality that allows him to do that in everyone else.

Then, together they can bring rivers to the desert, and make of the earth, a lush green happy thriving planet free of unnecessary disease, the pestilence of insecurity and pain.

They can birth a global civilization people by human beings who are perfectly sane, who have become so by dropping their defenses, by taking the higher road that the deepest of wisdoms transports them to, all on the back of the effortless movement of the wild liberated mares of their deepest longings.

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