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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Charles Lilly commented :
    I believe it was St. Paul who said, “anger but do not sin”. Anger is normal emotion, and if harnessed properly through emotional alchemy, can be of great use. Rage is a literal form of blindness.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Charles Lilly if you look at the full sweep of the prophets of the Hindu and Chinese lineages and those of the near East – you find that they came close to getting many things right.
    I made perhaps 9 breakthroughs but yes without a doubt those breakthroughs, those connections translate to a future without violence, biological and moral degradation and the end of messiahs and Buddhas, gurus and followers. Also a transformation – a complete transformation in our industrial and agricultural and architectural and gardening practices.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Charles Lilly one can use anger with love but it is only possible in the hands of someone who has no interest in berating another. It can be used to shock a mind into listening at a much deeper level.
    It can only be used in this way by one who has fallen irrevocably into the trough of logos.
    Charles Lilly replied :
    Nathan Curry interesting you should mention this as this morning, after meditations, I read an article by Sadguru about the Yugas of man, and how the next one, while not the pinnacle, will be far more advanced and peaceful than the current age.
    Charles Lilly replied :
    Nathan Curry Yes, it is alchemy. True alchemy was never about turning lead into gold
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Charles Lilly true alchemy is about understanding what gold actually is.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Charles Lilly it began about two weeks ago and is rapidly taking over the planet as we speak. In fact, despite appearances it is already done.
    The Indian sages had the gift of foresight but again they were clouded by a misunderstanding of evolution.
    In the first edition of the Origin of Species Darwin made the next step. In the last paragraph. His fearful mind made an edit in that paragraph in subsequent editions.
    What I have done is connect that paragraph to 9 other key things.
    And added the understanding that Darwin overlooked – that Tesla gave me the key to.
    Viruses do not hijack.
    They are hijacked.
    The entire planet is about to change in the most profound ways. More than we have ever seen before in human history.
    The Indian sages were correct that things evolve. But they were blinded by their belief that this world is samsara.
    It isn’t.
    This world is heaven.
    There is no God.
    There is Life. And man is man. Woman is woman. And child is child. And all contribute to the profound balanced nature of nature.
    There was a sculptor of German Chilean origin named Tótila Albert and he saw into this.
    You can’t sit on a a two legged stool. You need three legs for stability.
    The madness of humans until now (and I speak of every civilization so far) is that we are like this:

    Nathan Curry commented :
    We don’t stop and listen to wisdom.
    Well, I did.
    I completely stopped and I listened and that makes every thing different for the planet going forwards.
    You know before I explain the image I just posted let’s examine 3 phrases
    Delusions of grandeur
    Delusions of grandiosity
    Real grandeur
    What is a delusion of grandeur?
    It is a delusion of grandiosity is it not?
    When you are blind you have blindspots.
    If your ego is inflated you think yourself important.
    You walk around like the emperor in his new clothes. Thinking you are wearing something. But you are not.
    When a delusion of grandeur or grandiosity isn’t operating.
    Then you have clear sight – then you have real clarity and what you see is grandeur. You see reality for what it is.
    It is fully awe inspiring what is seen when you totally stop and become attentive to logos and the deeper common sense that is at play in all things to spurn on the evolution of evolution in every single moment.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    The picture of the actress who got burned in the Wizard of Oz is significant because that’s what man has done with so many things since the Dawn of time.
    With agriculture, with politics, with medicine, with industry.
    But let’s just look at patriarchy and matriarchy.
    The actress plays with fire and gets burnt.
    Then her stunt double does the same and gets burnt.
    Well, who is man’s “stunt double?” Woman. And who is hers? Man.
    And what have we done in every single civilization since the Dawn of time?
    We have done this (taken from the movie Lincoln – my edits):
    “And we grousle and heckle and dodge about like pettyfogging Tammony Hole hucksters.
    See what is before you. See the here and now, that’s the hardest thing, the only thing that accounts.”
    So like the actress in the Wizard of Oz who got burned and passes the same madness on to her stunt double – we have repeatedly not seen what accounts. Not seen what is before us.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    And when you actually stop and look at what is before you you see a totally different reality to the one we were lead to believe.
    You connect all that the mystics of old got right. You throw out patriarchal models and matriarchal models and feminism and you come to humanism.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    To do this – one must change one’s wavelength:

    Nathan Curry commented :
    And you begin to recognize how nature actually functions and the significance of the “we” in the phrase: I am.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    And then, very slowly the tremendous beauty of nature and human nature reveals itself to you.
    And so every problem known to man disappeared before your eyes, because sanity had come into the mind and the evolution of evolution is clarified in you and ongoing is wholeheartedly clarified in you.
    Nathan Curry commented :

    humanism | Sutranovum Institute
    Nathan Curry commented :

    triune society | Sutranovum Institute

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