We have had Wikipedia and it has presented information.

Now we have forgetimpossible

Forgetimpossible is about presenting only that information that is critical and absolutely essential to totally ending the issues that perpetuate all of man’s unseen pain mechanisms.

I saw into something profound recently. Because of that depth of insight that came into my mind I can see what no one else can see. For that reason I will control (but not in a megalomaniacal way – the opposite is true – in a way that is submissive to the wisdom of the whole) who can work on what in the wiki.

That’s been Wikipedia’s issue – meaning it has worked technically very well but it has many flaws in its social management.

The work of forgetimpossible is too important to allow such errors to take hold.

As I witness other human beings cottoning on to what I see with crystal clarity – I will grant them more permissions. Integrity and character are very important and when we miss out on this understanding it is but ourselves that we sabotage.

Both ourselves as individuals and as the collective.

On top of those basic things, one has to be vigilant for the theft of intelligence and the distortion that is born of paranoia and fear. When those things color the mind, indeed any form of insecurity / then such distortion creates vast amounts of totally unnecessary pain.

We are going to need to get all the ads on that wiki website down. The work we have before us is far far far too important for commercial interests to get in the way. Commercial interests when completely reworked and rewired, as is required now, will no longer be part of the problem.

I need open source programmers to help kickstart the most radical taskforce in the history of humanity.

I’m not a programmer and I do not need to be. But what I understand is enormously important for the future path of humanity.

I have a colleague and friend who has been helping me build the websites and he is very gifted but he needs help now – both financial and programming help.

Especially with the wiki – the wiki is at

We are going to need help from the open source programming communities.

To get things started I need to be able to post the way I do on Facebook but on the logos tab below that currently uses a Reddit sub-community thread – I’m going to need that logos feed to be available on every social media option and in a clean search engine searchable format on a page on sutranovum’s site.

And we are going to do this.

Mark my words.

This is getting done.

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