The Significance of the word “Tumos.”

Logos in Ancient Greek means the common sense in relation to the whole. It is an extraordinary word because of the vibration of meaning behind its significance.

But what navigates that logos?

The Ancient Greeks called that navigator or compass “Tumos.”

Tumos means what is clear. What is direct. What is true.

In India they have a saying:

Neti neti

It is the essence of the discriminating mind in the pithiest phrase ever. The description of that instrument.

It is in the Sanskrit language. It means:

Not this, not that.

Karl Popper, the Cambridge professor of scientific philosophy, in a sense his logic rules modern science.

He said you can never prove a thing. You can disprove stuff.

So you have creationists vs the fossil record 😉

But, yeah, Karl was wrong.

Not this. Not that nonsense.

The last few sentences encapsulate the spirit of Tumos in the context of the 3rd line of this post.

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