Tel Aviv – ‘Old new land.”

Years ago in my capacity as a massage therapist I gave an Isreali man a massage in Los Angeles. I have not ever visited Tel Aviv. Yet, I understand the financial and fundamental forces that inform that city. It is pressured, to say the least.

Washington under Trump can change the head US Embassy to Jerusalem – but Tel Aviv is the power house of the country.

The Egyptians (and latter day Syrians) tried to illegally enslave the Jewish peoples. We have the story of Exodus to reflect that impossible imposition. No individual nor people is a rightfully a slave to any other. No matter how charismatic the argument. Period.

That night, my client in Los Angeles from Tel Aviv told me an old Isreali proverb:

When you have a single true friend in a country you have a home.

That is a truth.

I should know I have tracked the human heart and mind and traveled more than most.

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