Fortitude in relationships

Carl Jung was brilliant

But after us

He shall be considered insane on certain levels.

You heal yourself in the mirror of the most powerful of relationships – with yourself first – then in the mirror of intimacy.

He said something wise when it comes to being a leader around someone who is better at something than you.

Around such people you make yourself 2nd place.

But if you make your husband first place,…

And your wife first place,…

And you work through all the unconscious pain you believe is due to the other (it isn’t)

You end the need for therapy. And for your children to come too.

He put his wife second.


Therapy first.

When you put your husband first (and not you second)… you are in the church within the church.

The real one. Not the fake stone building one.

In the mirror of that adoration

Beyond the immaturity of infatuation

You excavate something new.

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