The Guru trap

What is the issue with just saying “be here now”- over and again?

Because it becomes a preaching. We don’t need preaching gurus. We only have them because we don’t know how to love each other. But, if truth be told, we do. Know how to love one another. We do. See into it. Pull it out of your vision of another. It is the most extraordinary thing. To push one to see in such a manner. It changes everything. This. The evolution of evolution.

But we run, we run, we run. Anything but stop and listen, then someone who needs to be needed (rather than serves a genuine need) parrots:

Be here Now.

No, You be here now! I mean don’t tell me what to do. Don’t get up on a podium and preach. I write. But I do it because I see it has a capacity to dissolve dependency. Not further it.

I don’t need to do it. I do not do it to prove anything to anyone. I do it only because I was gifted a sensitivity to witness. So I speak.

There is a society right here in our midst completely lined to the brim with coaches and gurus screaming from the sidelines of humanity their opinion and, ironically, if you observe an acorn….when planted, in the right soils….it needs no one. Nature provides all. No one teaches it to be an oak tree. We need less coaching. More stillness to look, to dialogue in a sense that liberates from you knowing and me being ignorant or vice versa. Rather we meet as friends and invite the dialogue of our companionship to teach.

We are so desperate to prove our merit that we have overlooked how it really is ceded. How it really flourishes. Breathe. Incubate. Be lead by inspiration. Inquire. Make friends with the world. Take the shackles off. Find a way to eradicate the sense of criminality and dependence and illegality from the surface of things. And the depths. In so doing we become the depths. Then our voices are not half there. Then we are challenged to new heights beyond shallow views to the undying light of sight. It is, when delivered, in the right spirit the voice that finds fault, without even a feather of condemnation, it is that voice that pushes a man deeper into the recesses of unmined capacity and joy.

Emerson wrote the book Self-Reliance. A book in an essay.

And if you read it patiently and slowly….beyond his errors…you do hear this kernel of clarity. Man is self-reliant. When we heal we don’t form circles of pain that reaffirm the shadow of an addiction. We live. We engage with the good soils of the earth. We look upon nature in awe and we collect ourselves and we find a way to support one another and we are not reckless and we do not race after pain.

We completely transform our education system. We think.. We use these incredible minds we have that life is living through us via and we get to work on a totally different kind of world. We don’t put out there nebulous platitudes about a god in heaven, but, no, no, no we confront the biology of our anger and sorrow and our preaching and plant something new in those soils.

Something entirely different. Something that is sane. Robust. We rise above our movements and our reactionary minds and we grapple, wholeheartedly, with another mettle within us.

Yes, every moment speaks. But to man ourselves to face it – that translates to reconciling what is the genius in nature and in our own nature. In a very calm way. And we teach our children to use their incredible hearts, lead by our minds – NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

When we do that we have a completely different set of values operating.

We radically transform our education systems, our culture, the entire foundation of our humanity.

We do that. We do.

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