Great Poems

One of the greatest poems I have ever read was by Spike Milligan – the comedian. He was bipolar or manic depressive and, ironically, in this poem, a very rare poem he solved his own riddle intellectually but he could not apply it himself. Though he was a very funny man at times. His gravestone reads: “I told you I was sick.”

The poem I refer to is called 2B or Not 2B

It’s about a depressed pencil sharpener. Then he goes to work and finds his purpose – sharpening pencils- and he isn’t depressed any more. He is creative and alive. Milligan overlooked this and shot his righteous self-worth in the foot. The laughter he left the world still lives.,

And I believe it is the truth of the test of those moments we all experience, what the British Japanese author Ishiguro wrote of in his book title:

The Unbearable Lightness of being

There are moments when the unimportant minutiae of living seem to take precedence, but, when we are wise, the deeper vision of what matters, midst those migrating details – well, it is not lost.

It shines most brightly to the rightly attuned eye.

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