Post 118

As well as the tech team (I have the CTO for the website already)

I’m going to need to hire some of the most brilliant engineers on the planet.

I’m also going to need to hire project managers and before any of you come on board you will have to study Allan Savory’s work.

And you will get classes in the enneagram at sutranovum itself. I’m writing the enneatype pages for the site right now with a very gifted person.

I’m interviewing who sit on the investment company and who sits on the foundation.

They irrigate funds and the projects they inspire will change the destiny of mankind for the better.

When a human being has the courage to get very small inside, to step aside from the horrific pettiness of self-importance and psychological inflation and psychologists and not judge a single psychotic …there is the potential to engage with an intelligence that has the capacity to see man naked and fearless and beyond his flaws. That human being that sees is the paragon of animals. And all animals and plants 🌱recognize the shift and breath a sigh of relief that the mind of man has woken up, finally to what matters.

One domino falls…then all the others follow.

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