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A note to investors:

For investors listening I’m going to need 30 000 dollars a month to pay the tech team to start with.

Return on investment to be discussed but if I see your ego greed, rather than a deeper relationship with logos, rules the mind please know I would not go near your money if you paid me (pun intended lol). I would be disrespecting you if I took the money. And myself and all those the companies and non profits employ. Never mind myself. And that is not something my integrity can entertain.

The engine that is sutranovum has been designed to end introduce humanity to the beauty of the evolution of evolution, to outgrow all isms except humanism and logos and to reconnect with the incredible wisdom of Parmenides (not what most scholars think of him as) and Pythagoras.

In return for said investment – you support the purposes of writing a new story on this Earth. You get to be part of a crew of human beings who are inspired in a way similar to the way Buckminster Fuller was inspired.

The work we do?

The thinking that informs sutranovum group and forgetimpossible

Is going to question the misunderstanding of the Sanskrit word samsara and celebrate nature and our own nature as we have never seen the likes of before on this earth.

We are a catalyst. Once our work is done – we shall dissolve. We stand on the shoulders of giants –

Among the foci of our work?

End poverty at its root in the human mind

End all conflict as it’s unnecessary when you understand the enneagram in the right way

And when you understand the ecology of ecology and what right management is and what the evolution of evolution is.

End cancer and the diseases of man

Man does not get sick

Sickness gets man

End war

Return the clouds and the lush vegetation of the Sahara and the Sinai

Give mankind free energy without toxic side effects

And end the mental slavery we have been living under for too long.

And that’s just the beginning.

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