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The group of Companies and non-profits I have set up (an Institute and a Foundation) are about to do the work they were designed to do. After many years building it – after a long and profound pregnancy – the ship is in the water and about to sail. The crew are assembling.

This is a ship that will expand and expand and turns its gaze on all of humanity. It will not do it for ego aggrandizement but because there is a path ahead of us that leads us through the vast and dark unknown, out of the pained history of our unnecessary wastelands, and back home to us.

Sutranovum is not an ordinary company (though aspects of it are as ordinary as pie) but it has been designed to sprout in the cracks of the sidewalk of a world fallen from grace and be the engine that returns man to his rightful place as the paragon of animals.

What a universe of play is man!

How noble in logos, how infinite in faculty!

In form and movement how expressively admirable he is!

In his activity and contemplation, we see the mirror of the evolution of his evolution, and in his conduct we see the level of the refinement of his subscribed stories!

He has forgotten what it means to be the beauty of the world! The paragon of animals! Now it is high time to rectify that error.

If you enjoy my posts you can follow me on the Logos page of that will be getting set up soon. It is not created yet but you will see it on there pretty soon. We shall find a way to duplicate the feed here too. But I am having it replicated off facebook to search engines can pick it up easily.

On my feed at you will find a way join and comment. I won’t scam you with ads. I don’t want to sell you anything unconsciously. I am not motivated by money. You can sign up and comment or not sign up and still comment. Either way. But we do recognize your voice matters. However, we are interested in taking the mask off and that requires discriminating what is just plain blindfolded and what is sane.

Like Quora there will be a way to vote up smart comments. Often I will pose complex questions that seek simple answers. It shall become an engine for meaningful change as intended. Once my usefulness is done I will know as my input will be totally redundant. I built sutranovum for that purpose.

Sutranovum is focused on one thing and one thing only:

The evolution of evolution

It has 12 elements.

Perhaps the most important one is

The focus of to align ourselves with the family of man and solve all that families problems – without an iota of hurry and in a very short period of time.…/ForgetImpossible…

I wrote the overview of the wiki today- I need to edit it down.

Perhaps the most fun is – the animation. There we make cartoons that expose the humor that liberates us from our unnecessary pain.

But if you look closely everything in the vision has been designed to promote the levity that introduces us to the gravity of our greatest depths. Enjoy the ride. Kansas, is about to go bye-bye Dorothy.

Love is all-encompassing. And so are you.


ForgetImpossible Wiki

This wiki is designed to rethink everything. A wiki is a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users. Wikipedia is a wiki focused on the facts and on what people can agree on. Forgetimpossible is a whole new vision entirely. Our aims are simple and clear:

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