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There was a tiger. She was pregnant. She was tired. She was hungry. She raced after a sheep and, in her exhaustion, as she lunged for the sheep, she overextended. She had gotten off track. Made a grave and subtle error real.

In her overextension, she died while giving birth. She was surrounded by other tigers who were overprotective. Who smothered her finer intelligence. Her baby was born and grew up among the sheep thinking he was a sheep. Years went by, and the sorry-looking tiger, who was a very green shade of orange, was greeted by an adult male tiger. All the sheep ran but the tiger who grew up thinking it was a sheep, another instinct kicked in. It did not run. It stayed put.

The adult male tiger recognizing what had happened took the young buck to the pond in the woods. The sorry-looking tiger bleated. The adult male roared. “Whoops,” thought the young buck, “that sounds rather impressive.” “Bleat,” he himself repeated this time in a more half-hearted fashion.

In time (and with more practice on his roar), the tiger remembered who he was.

Many people come and declare life is like this and life is like that. They say join my church, my company, my belief system, blah blah blah. They are sheep who become shepherds.

Then, there are the Apache. I speak not of the warring aspect of their nature. Wombats!

Who wants more war (hint: definitely not wombats – wombats are totally over wars – like they never signed up in the first place and they just don’t think it’s a good idea at all – if you don’t believe me ask one)!

We have had quite enough of that madness. I speak of the aspect of the Apache that made them unique among the tribes of North America. When the Europeans came they fought every tribe into oblivion. They were hunted down very quickly. Horrific genocide happened. And for what! All because we rushed in. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

We did not resolve our insecurity – we made greed our leader. The Apache had not overcome this in themselves. For the evolution of evolution to be understood, and activated, it takes someone who understands the wiring of the mind and how it impacts what modern scientists call Epigenetics. The influence of behavior on genetics.

What the Apache did get right was what Napoleon, Trump. Obama and most men who have lead failed to do. They created a circle. An atmosphere. Where more important than the leader or the argument of the madness of any ism (bar humanism) was the collective sanity of the whole. Families were their own psychologists. One leader died and another took his place. But the Apache otherwise were as non-remarkable as any other people who have been blinded by insecurity and xenophobia.

But this one quality they got right, it was later imitated by the terrorist cells that fight the Western powers.

What I understood was that our name is not Homo sapiens sapiens.

That’s a big mistake. Just as most of our religions are. I am judging them. I am seeing their error of interpretation. When we understand how our stories program us – a different culture can emerge based on the evolution of evolution – which means a recoding of our storied universe. Do that right and everything shifts.

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