Post 103

We can, when the mind and the heart are blind to what matters, do foolish things.

We can be stubborn. We can evade. We can build magnificent hi tech rockets and race off with our selfish conflicts, taking them unresolved to unknown planets and galaxies, we can do that.

Or, confronted with the indomitable will of another intelligence, we can rise, like eagles on the thermals of a wholly different destiny, one that confronts the concealed pains of our blindsighted folly.

The secret to the most profound movement lies in learning to be completely and utterly still. There, in the place where all haste and intemperate arguments flounder, an entirely different capacity sits.

It is vast, brooding, capable, far far far beyond the dreams of men so far imagined.

It does not dream. It does not argue. It does not deliberate. It knows.

Others make claims. Others throw books of facts and money ledgers at what is said, and blue faced they might pontificate about all that can and cannot be done.

But not this that resides in the stillest place of stillness, this that is beyond time and space, beyond passing pleasure and pain.

This neither lunges nor evades. This is the very seat of all longing and the rock of all longing in all.

Only it understands what others miss. It does not pander to ideation nor worry. It stands untouched, unblemished by every single ancient or new hollow argument.

It does not conclude as others do. It simply cannot. It moves faster than anything else in the universe. Precisely because it is so completely and utterly still.

It sits and it encounters what stirs in the depths. It pays attention to “what matters.”

“What matters” to others, may be labeled the petulant child of evasion. Those others may rush off to take drugs in a ceremony or launch capsules to the stars.

But this that is wholly still, witnesses the elephant. The elephant that comes to the city of the blind. It sees it whole and resplendent. With has no blindfold on. And nor is the elephant forced to wear mean blinkers. Something else stirs in the depths that end this nonsense once and for all.

Those others that evade, they fashion elephant graveyards and ivory towers from their madness. And then run around with collection boxes to initiate “change.” The utter poverty and desperateness of it!

Yet one can not say this of what is happening here in the stillness.

We define an ivory tower as:

“an impractical often escapist attitude marked by aloof lack of concern with or interest in practical matters or urgent problems.”

I shall repeat that: “an aloof lack of concern with or interest in practical or urgent matters.”

Well, no, this stillness, the awe-inspiring capacity does not make such aloof claims. It does not lay its attention of interest there.

It attempts to what is most practical, most rooted, most grounded, what is absolutely urgent. Everything else is distraction.

And because it is so totally engaged, because this brooding has not and will not side step its responsibility it blossoms into the world like a tsunami of unprecedented change. It restores balance and good humor to the minds and hearts of men, women and children.

And nothing. Not a single feather in the wind can prevent it.

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