Intelligence means to read between the lines of thought. If you do not know the mechanics of a car’s issue then you might have to consult the forensic analytical skills of more than one mechanic. They know more than you but you must listen to what is talking as the owner of the vehicle, to discern what is key.

Similarly, to understand the nature of viruses demands great discernment. We can treat the symptoms. We outsmarted the bubonic plague mostly – still, a research field biologist died of it recently.

The sooner we move in science to a holistic view of activity the better. Our collective myopia is the biggest issue right now.

As a public health official I cannot fault Fauci. He is doing his best. But his work, faced with a public health emergency is to treat the symptoms. So:


Social distancing



All are integral and essential given the circumstances.

But the root cause is where we must ultimately focus and that comes down to a fundamental evolution of animal husbandry.

That’s reading between the lines of the deeper mechanics here.

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