9 and Pythagoras

Numbers are interesting. On many levels.

An example:

Perhaps the oldest personality model we have is the enneagram. It is based on 9 enneatypes or core fears.

Today is Friday the 13th. In one stream of Pythagorean math 13 = 1+ 3 = 4 Abaris the Skywalker came from Mongolia to Southern Italy in around 450 BC. He brought gifts to Pythagoras. One of them was the enneagram. If you go into most high rise buildings in Korea – there is no 4th Floor. Korea is the distant child of that Mongolian culture Abaris came from.

In the enneagram the 4 is the number of envy. 4 is associated with craftsmanship, aesthetic gifts and art in general.

Friday is the 6th say day of the week. And 6 is the number of fear in the enneagram.

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