Post 98

So many investors lined up at my door but I am only interested in one thing:

A book that sat on a coffee table in Sebastopol, California yesterday.

For me, this is the only thing that now accounts, the only thing. I have seen through every problem known to man. The only thing that remains is how you give the world free energy.

That book I know holds the key.

The first line of Parmenides poem:

“The mares that carry me as far as longing can reach rode on, once they had come and fetched me onto the legendary road of divinity that carries the man who knows through the vast and dark unknown.”

1 thought on “Post 98”

  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Jen Miller commented :
    Nathan Curry . . .Such an exploration . . . with lovely discoveries along the way of ONENESS . . . 😊😊
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Jennifer Miller “I’m never upset for the reason I think.”
    Ted Wrigley commented :
    I once stopped in Sebastopol…nice summer day….and it feels like that belongs to another me another life

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