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There are two kinds of smallness.

One is exceptionally corrosive.

It yields all the wars of history. It puff itself up in self -importance and seeks to impress. It can never be fulfilled and always comes from a place of lack. It may be exceptionally wealthy on the outside but inside it is the epitome of poverty.

“Mythology is composed by poets out of their insights and realizations. Mythologies are not invented; they are found. You can no more tell us what your dream is going to be tonight than we can invent a myth. Myths come from the mystical region of essential experience.”

Joseph Campbell

Then, there is another smallness. It is the smallness of a wholly different order. It does not manufacture nor maintain pain. It does not race around the planet making vaccines and toxic institutions full of well paid men and women with clipboards who think they know what is going on when they really do not. It does not get divorced from its partner.

This quality of smallness is capable of going down down down into the deepest of depths. It dives deeper than anyone has gone before. It does so because it is greatly pained and it wants out ot the pain mechanism that keeps it and the rest of the world trapped.

Deep deep deep down it does. Deeper than any before. It is not important. But what it seeks is.

It doesn’t want to horde or to control. It wants to end repression, oppression, madness at the source of it. It cares not for what others think. It is only interested in what enlightens, for opinion and flattery do not heal, nor does kindness alone. Something way deeper must be integrated for the pains of a thousand mad prophets and profits to be seen.

And once seen it is like a new star shines in the heavens of man’s firmament. A star that is not from beyond but from within. And this star is so small almost all miss it. But when it is seen everything, everything changes. The jailer at the gates of hell within us is made redundant. The virus that others believed was hijacking man is understood to have been hijacked itself by man’s distortion.

The distortion is corrected within one mind and all others automatically follow.

Then the real name of man appears. He is not Homo sapiens sapiens

He is Homo sapiens fabula.

And a new earth is, at first, glimpsed on the horizon. Then the glimpse changes to an outright stare. Then the stare becomes one with the state that is looked upon.

Then like a supernova exploding, but calm and completely devoid of any violence or pained madness, the thorn to remove the thorn, the leveraged stillness to end all pain is discovered within and witnessed. The greed that has blinded man is dropped and a new world beyond gurus and psychtherapists and police and armies and the false protections of false prophets emerges.

Behind is now is the emergency, in front of us an emergent field liberated of all tired and tiered and wanton battlegrounds.

And this smallness, this smallness is where humanity resides henceforth. In a garden complete, utterly devoid of shame and wholly respendent with the happy responsible presence of the gardener and sailor now, now, now,….rediscovered.

That smallness is the anthem we, now proclaim.

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