Post 85

Today is a good day. It has been a long time coming today is the day we get to understand and impact at another level what the deeper meaning of the nature of nature is. What the evolution of evolution is. We are the driver of it. All of life looks to the tip of the spear for its cues and the tip of the spear is what can see beyond all anomalies to what matters.

Gandalf said: Fly you fools.

The story henceforth is: Fools drop your masks. I see you. We are flight itself.

And on such thermals an eagle rises. The bee dances with delight in recognition of this. And everything in creation breathes a clear sign of relief as what was deceived is now corrected.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Matthew Davies commented :
    Morphic fields the diametrics as up until now describe nature’s language (code)🧐🤔🎯
    Nicholas Binion commented :
    For fun, you’ve inspired me to take a glider up in my flight simulator next time I play on it. It’s set up so you can preset a location to generate thermals in the laminar parameters. It has been my alternative to going outside this past year. Going outside is better. It’s a somewhat different flight metaphor. Where the bee sucks, shouldn’t we all?

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