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I want you to pause.

Take a deep breath and read what is to follow.

I am the Founder of the Sutranovum Group.

It has a simple and profound goal:

To heal mankind of its deceptions: to birth a new story in individuals and upon this beautiful planet. A story that honors a clarity about the nature of its nature that others have missed out on for too long.

What I am writing today: the 4th of May 2021 and the 5th of May 2021 has an enormous impact on the future of mankind because of the changes we are all making in the present.

I want you to stop criticizing the governing parties, the left-wing parties, and the right-wing parties, I want you to stop criticizing the environmentalists, the Christians, the Muslims, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Atheists, the Communists, the Capitalists – all of them – I want you to stop to attacking absolutely anyone. And defending your positions.

I want you to stop. And listen to what has taken over me. As it shall surely take you over and you will be thankful for it. A preacher seeks to persuade another of things. But that is just insecurity talking.

Insecurity got us into a fine mess. It won’t get us out of it. Sanity does.

The secret to intelligence is to be very still and look at what has been hiding in the dark places. In what is hidden we find the greatest wisdom.

Within a few short hours, one of our limbs will go live.

It will sport a wiki. It is my intention that that wiki will be the voice of the people of the earth, a more inspired people than has been possible up until this point.

It will follow a similar networking model to that of Wikipedia. It will follow, exclusively, the principles that are set down in the wise logos (logos is an Ancient Greek word – it means the deeper common sense – the kind that does not make any decision without consultation with the whole) of the founding charter documents of Sutranovum Institute – which I am writing right now.

Any human problem that you can think of will be covered and resolved by sutranovum institute in principle.

It shall get fleshed out in the wiki.

That is where your voice is needed.

Those two things, taken in tandem, are the flywheel that drives the engine of everything else in the work of sutranovum group.

I guarantee you this is the most revolutionary company in the history of mankind. Not because of some insanely inflated ego, no, simply because I see into the nature of nature and once one understands the deeper principles hiding in plain sight, a different intelligence takes over. And it is from that vantage point that I speak.

I do not seek to convince another of anything. All I had to do was transform my own understanding. That was enough. I have nothing to persuade you of but what I say here in this post is not a joke. The joke is that we didn’t see into it before. Life though has a way of catching up with our stubborn folly. That has happened now. Fortunately, there is no way back.

I do not have all the answers but I have enough to initiate something that is capable of turning around the ship of humanity, to head to more temperate and less pained seas.

In the midst of the greatest of all storms, the arrow of greatest wisdom sails straight to the heart of the hurricane, to the calm at the center, to the visionary vistas that others have missed.

That rooted calm can bring about a revolution, the likes of which we have never seen on the earth. Nothing can stop it. Nothing. And we would be wise not to try.

I want you to consider something. In Ancient Greek, the word for politics means “the family of man.” That word was coined out of a great depth.

Out of the very deepest depths of wisdom. By someone who no amount of money could buy. He was listening to something profound. Something wholly related to the root of our humanity. Something that springs from the very seed of what makes us human.

It is easy to criticize. It is easy to critique. It is easy to condemn. It takes a whole other set of guts to question deeply.

To discover a quality of determination that is not casual, not weakened by rhetoric or the projection of unseen fear in the form of reactionary thought and the mad weeds it sprouts in the soils of our consciousness.

So please pause. Imagine me giving you 1 trillion dollars or more.

To become the tip of the spear, not the reactionary spear that creates armies, saviors, psychologist’s waiting rooms, famine, gurus, false prophets, emergency rooms, and pained histories – all of that…no, I speak of the tip of the spear that eradicates all of that…to embrace that spear, one must quietly come to absolute stillness.

If I gave you 1 million dollars you might buy a house or two or three or many more (depending on where you are in the world).

If I give you a billion dollars you may start some schools or buy a superyacht or some mansions or you may try to fund research into ending malaria or cancer.

If I gave you one trillion dollars or more….you might start to think about world-changing stuff. But to spend that money wisely and to not take the path of self-destruction demands a quality of intelligence that is deeply mindful of the creative principles at the seat of our deepest humanity.

For example: I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the money we are spending on a cure for cancer is ill-placed. We are treating the part, the symptom, not looking at the whole in the part.

There is a hidden symmetry that others have missed. A symmetry that involves a profound understanding of the nature of the evolution of evolution, of the nature of the forces behind the evolution of myths and a deep dive into human psychology; the deepest of dives.

It also requires an understanding of genetics that the virologists have overlooked. And a profound insight into the nature of the evolution of gravity.

I made a breakthrough that brought all of those things together and some of the greatest luminaries of human history. I connected the dots where others failed. I can speak with utmost confidence about this because I see, perhaps for the first time in human history (and I am pretty sure Pythagoras and Parmenides were the last humans to glimpse what I can see with absolute clarity).

We can and will turn the ship of our wounded humanity around. I guarantee you that.

Einstein said that whenever he worked on an equation if the result was not elegant it was not finished. That’s not an idea. It is a truth. It applies to anything from the written word to the actions of a great artisan. There is no fluff, nothing superfluous when something is completed.

I am not an engineer but I am going to need to work with some of the best engineers on the planet and a lot of what they think they know I am going to call radically into question.

So I ask you again to pause. If I gave you 1 trillion dollars or more, how would you spend it and why? If you are deeply honest you might say, I don’t want it.

Affluence without wisdom is self-destructive. Henry Kissinger said that ‘university politics are precisely so bitchy because the stakes are so small.’

Now when you take yourself to metaphoric heights that none have ever broached before, you find yourself at 10 miles high looking down upon the Earth, and the words of Wordsworth ring in your ears. He wrote:

“To her fair works did nature link

The human soul that through me ran;

And much it grieved my heart to think

What man has made of man.”

Grief is entirely unnecessary. It supports no one. And it comes from a misuse of human energy, capacity, and perception. There is a depth of love that goes far beyond what we have imagined. It is here right now in front of us, hiding in plain sight.

It takes a quiet mind to bear witness to it. As I explain what I see, it will become clear to you and what unfolds, I pledge wholeheartedly, that it shall be nothing short of miraculous.

I was blessed with an exceptional teacher in my youth. He played tennis with Eleanor Roosevelt and was a close advisor to both Indira Gandhi and her father Nehru. He once asked me what I would say to Abraham Lincoln. I enjoyed a friendship with him that was of the utmost importance to the future of humanity.

He was no ordinary man. One does not meet such a man often. But I did and I had the eyes and ears to recognize him. Moreover, I had the determination to see into his mistakes and go beyond them.

So, I want you to put all your -isms behind you and meet me in the grove of a different silence. I want you to embrace humanism. It is time.

On that wiki, just as with Wikipedia, forgetimpossible wiki – will be built by you all, by humanity, by a rebirthed humanity, to heal ourselves of our deceptions and to welcome a new earth.

One liberated of all the poisons that are born of psychological inflation. Tomorrow is the 5th of May 2021. Let it be celebrated henceforth as a day of highly praiseworthy activity on this earth. If July 4th is the celebration of America’s Independence, let May 5th be the day we return to a much deeper sanity, to celebrate a new economics, a new solidarity, a new birth; one built on a collection of healing insights that not even the most stubborn of fools could deny.

I am not doing this for power or money. I have built sutranovum on a shoestring with the help of a very few individuals who had the apparent lunacy to trust me.

One might consider this post (and subsequent ones) the beginning of a chain reaction that shall, very quickly, rip through the fields of the earth like the hurricane to end all hurricanes that it is, one that is destined to reframe and replant the seed of what we consider it is to be human.

My motive is not to control or deny any individual their sovereignty. Indeed, nothing could be further from the truth. A great pain lies at the seat of the human mind. It is not what we think it is. It can be undone. It has been undone in me and it follows, as the night the day, that it shall be fully undone in you.

On the wiki that is forgetimpossible the focus will be to build a new kind of global community using the internet as a vehicle for launching a deeper solidarity.

Not the kind that squabbles about petty things.

Rather, a solidarity born out of men and women who have sanely and plainly recognized their intrinsic worth, and nature’s worth.

To see into the fathomless beauty and symmetry in nature, and, so by extension, the symmetry implicit in our minds and hearts, demands an arrow fired straight and true, that can deliver us out of the stormy madness we have misperceived to be the nature of our humanity.

This new solidarity has, in the humble recognition of those inner qualities, an inevitability about it that enables human beings to man themselves to face the remarkable beauty that is behind the evolution of life, and welcome their role as the driver of it henceforth.

“To her fair works did nature link

The human soul that through me ran;

And much it grieved my heart to think

What man has made of man.”

We can ditch the unnecessary grief. We can make good on our shameful errors.

We can excavate what is important and celebrate the joy of a visionary heart that has thoroughly rethought what man makes of man.

There is not a moment to lose.

And yet it is important to recognize that nothing good comes from haste.

When all haste has dropped out of one, one discovers another intelligence comes to inhabit the mind. This infinite patience rethinks everything. It changes everything.

Here we list the principal challenges that mankind faces, as a species and as individuals and we underscore the hidden solutions that serve to bring us out of the deserts of our blindness, to the new story that awaits us.

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