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Trauma comes from the Greek word for wound and one of the German words for dream is “wound.”

To wake up from the painful dream, to become a whole human being demands that one awakens the faculty of discrimination.

Most human beings maintain their wounds by escaping into a pained mechanism they do not even see themselves.

To the aware eye the wound becomes very apparent. The action of wisdom is to speak to the aspect of the mind that has already been healed of the wound.

This demands overlooking the madness of the medical profession the majority of which treats the symptom. The same is true of our agriculture and industry.

Covid (as with all infectious diseases) is a symptom of our insensitively and insecurity not witnessed. To reverse the pains at source demands a different toolkit.

What the mass of humanity have tended to overlook for long stretches of history is that doctors and hospitals and the police and armies exist as a profound amplification of a total and utter falsity.

The falsity goes that you are a victim of the world. But the truth is we are but victims of our minds.

I can see a world where, in a decade, the police are gone, where the hospitals have become gardens, where the deserts have been reclaimed, where their rich abundant clouds share their bountiful rain.

The word emergency means to arise or bring to light. There are two kinds of emergent light. The kind that addresses the symptoms and treats only at that level. And that which ends the pain at source.

The opposite of palliative or soothing is annoying. Beyond the pairs of opposites is another option. That is the spring from which healing gushes forth.

I do not have a dream today. I am not asleep and I shall not give credence to the belief in wounds. I know that every valley is exalted, that every fear and insecurity in man is made low by the exposing of the falsity of their arguments.

I see that the crooked places are made straight and the rough places plain, when the heart it is yoked to the plough of a clarified and abiding wisdom, beyond the torture chambers of the reactionary mind.

There is grandeur to this view of life, with its unified powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the expansive law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.

This grandeur is not for one but for all. It is seen by he who is not blinded by rhetoric or dogma. One who sees it absolutely breaks a very old pained mold. He ends the business of gurus and the cults of savior figures.

He ends every Ism under the sun. Every single one. All except humanism. He does so because he ends it in himself where the source of that projected confusion lies. Once seen, it is inevitable, that all flesh shall see it together. After the responses that maintain the sleeping sheep and shepherds of division are untethered, they become loosened and undone, and a new earth and a renewed humanity stands tall emerging from the ranks of pain, healed of the stories the once remained.

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