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This is getting done now by some incredibly gifted and competent people.

Everything being built is based on logos – the original meaning of common sense – a sense we have lost.

The original meaning in Greek was to do things in the mirror of the implicit sense of the whole. That’s not an idea, it’s a state which inhabits you when you slow down enough to truly listen.

There is one more website that we will build.

It is

Feel free to make suggestions for what might be listed for objectives there.

The hardware company I imagine will take on the focus of awakening to the much deeper vision behind Tesla’s work and bringing it to application. That and other things that radically change our approach to technology in the mirror of what our deeper humanity intimates.

For instance, there must be a way to harness the radiation from the sun wirelessly to make free energy. Forget impossible. Seek in the right spirit and the door opens.

The investments portfolio will focus exclusively on the wisdom of Allan Savory’s approach to managing resources, people and industrial processes. This accords with logos and it is the only thing that accounts when it comes to safeguarding our environment.

From Allan Savory’s book on Holistic Management.

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