Post 54

This healed consecration

If we learn to be exceptionally still, then, almost by accident, we end up placing ourselves in the soils of discernment.

There, in the dark matters of the world, we discover the kernel of a seeded imagination, then we determine we have been granted the grace to plant a seed.

Devoted and persistent, we embrace what is smaller then small. We stumble, breathless and scattered upon a hidden secret at the very root of our nature.

It s revealed that this mystery plainly before us, we garner how it s wholeheartedly charting an inspired path, innocently, yet resolutely, toward the preservation of beauty and goodness. And the elimination of all else.

We come to learn that this treasure we have uncovered, is the essence of our humanity. We find we have been granted an audience with something outside of space and time.

In that immense dark lucidity we chance upon a seed; one that, when entrusted to planting, can change the very orbit of a pained world, into something entirely different.

And it is intimated that no external force can prevent this hushed and defiant wonder from flowering, patiently, we witness how it draws unto it the wide world, into the abiding warmth, the soft joyous intimacy of its overarching love.

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