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The irony of our mad society when seen is this. If you look at the churches and the gurus they all sit on their podiums with their flowers. Many argue sexuality is a sin. The ultimate sin. The original sin. And they try to come up with clever ego arguments to undermine the sacred geometry of the flower. While the dead flower sits on their podium/altar. And they speak in the tomes of their most holy god.

All the poets of history have been inspired by the beauty of nature, by the beauty of the flower. And all the mothers who have wailed for the dead children born of illness and war and poverty of spirit have been crying for the fertilized seed of the fruit of that flower. So those that scream sexuality is an abomination that shower the body in unconscious guilt are actually attacking their own beauty. I do not see the children of man or the beauty of nature that is this world as an abomination. That is not what it is. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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