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My name is Nathan Curry. I am a human being. No better nor worse than any of you who read this message. I have seen into something. Something extraordinarily important.

You might call me, in humor, Neo. But I am the healed Neo – the one who understands what technics is and what it is for and how it should be wielded – the one that wields the 9 rings of power with the ring to bind them all.

This “ring” was given once before to Pythagoras. We murdered him brutally. And Plato then wrote a story called The Cave. And he got it wrong. He made his focus on those in the Cave who were sleeping. The story he should have written involves the people in the garden, and they are all of us – looking into the cave and clearing out the shadows of our lies to ourselves. Most of our religions got this wrong. But if you have the eyes to see into it you will learn that the sacred geometry of the triangle ends all the problems we see in our world. And that “Rightness is provided with the instruments of safety by the heavens.” And that the heavens are not out there in another world, or after this one, but right now, beyond the storm clouds of deception, in our own minds.

What I have done I have done in my mind and I have done it because I had the determination to seek out the right teachers. I looked into what they had to say at the most important human anomalies in human misunderstanding.

And unlike Neo in the scifi-fantasy, I do not come after the baddies with guns. In my world, there are no baddies. No one to condemn. I am the end of guns and standing armies. I am not insane. On the contrary, sanity has taken over me. As it did Pythagoras.

I understand what logos is. I saw into it and I cannot unsee it. For that reason and that reason only I see what others miss.

I need someone to edit my writings. The clarity that I have is there and won’t go away but what I have written in the past will have errors in it. If you can listen and learn and have the courage to confront yourself I will hire you to help with that task.

Something quite miraculous is in train and the world will breathe a sigh of relief once this work I have done has been done. You may call me arrogant and insane. You may call any number of words. But that makes no difference.

If you are on a ship out at sea and that ship hits a hurricane, and I have had the experience of this, then the Captain and the first mate that are in charge of the ship matter. Their attitude helps to instill the crew with a confidence they did not know they had.

If they know the ship and they understand the wind, the tide and the waves, you will survive that hurricane and you will learn of your strengths and capacity for calm in the process. Such a Captain is not arrogant. Such a Captain is not insane. Such a Captain can take a sinking ship and turn it around. The root meaning of the word Arrogant is to ask or entreat.

When you are in a crisis you do ask and entreat that the wisdom that guides you is born of a depth that none can question. Why can they not question it? Because the proof is there in the results. And those results stand the test of long long periods of time.

When someone sees into a problem that others missed that person sees in a way no one else can. You may call that person arrogant in the modern meaning of the word. But what you see is merely your own unclarfied perception projected outwardly. So call me Nathan. Not Ishmael. Those days are gone.

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