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The insanity of modern politics

The job of a politician is not to serve. Nor is it to rule.

It is to listen. To what matters.

And a human being who lacks the capacity to understand Pythagoras’s work and the insights of the triune society is incapable of being a politician in the real sense. We don’t have a single “serving” politician in this sense in our country right now.

If Biden actually attends to the tax havens that story may get revised.

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  1. The comments in the above Facebook Post were –
    Wesley Dolphin commented :
    Listening is just one part, taking action is another, sometimes referred to as serving the people.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Wesley Dolphin fools rush in where angels fear to tread
    What she calls serving – for the most part completely ignores the deeper listening I am referring to and characters like that – almost all politicians on the planet today – men and women / are not listening in this sense.
    And so what they arrogantly call service is actually just a bull in China shop. The fool rushing in to “serve.” When they actually just serve up more mayhem and madness born of their reactionary politics which is the child of their reactionary minds.
    This is ubiquitous- on both sides of the political aisle.
    Ernest Krolick commented :
    Nathan Curry oh, “deeper listening”. It frankly sounds like you’re making shit up. This seems a bit like an argument of semantics. It’s called public service, and has been called that for a long time. “Their reactionary minds”. Step down from your soapbox and listen (however you view that word) to yourself. Very judgmental opinion based thoughts about other people. A sure cognitive trap.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Ernest Krolick You think you think I’m attacking others.. I’m not. I’m looking into the core issues of the unhealed mind of our time. I’ll do what I please. I don’t recall giving you authority over me.
    Ernest Krolick replied :
    Nathan Curry your “reactionary” response is exactly why everything you’ve said on your soapbox has no validity.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Ernest Krolick there is the religious nut with his projected guilt
    There is prince (child of Parents of the Latter Day Saints) with his reaction to the reaction
    And there is the politician policing their own insecurity and you defending them attacking me – accusing me of reactionary mind when I am the antidote.
    The way of safety and wisdom is to rise above the fearful name calling and take the path of true healing – not the madness of Hippocrates and his children – that treat the symptoms. What you call wellness is not wellness at all

    Ernest Krolick commented :
    Nathan Curry tl;dr
    Ernest Krolick commented :
    Nathan Curry if you’d have “listened deeper” to me, then you’d know attempting to defend your position was an inappropriate and undesired response. I mean, I can’t say I didn’t expect it, though.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Ernest Krolick there was no defense of a position. You project that to sustain the argument. You want to make friction where there is none. What I say is immensely threatening to the justification of the preservation of your pain mechanism.
    Ernest Krolick said :
    Nathan Curry

    Wesley Dolphin commented :
    Nathan Curry
    In this whole wide world are you saying that there is absolutely no politician that is serving humanity from their heart and conviction?
    I think to paint every politician with the same brush is a lesson in hopelessness.
    Wesley Dolphin commented :
    Ernest Krolick 😂

    Nathan Curry commented :
    Wesley Dolphin I am not saying that. I am saying that to learn the lesson of hope then one has to point of focus of mind at where it lies. It lies in the understanding of the triune society and in the journey beyond psychological inflation (and the holistic action it brings).
    And In the history of humanity this has not been common that anyone listened to the significance of these things.
    So to argue one is being of service when one is not listening in this sense means that politics has tended to deviate from its real nature and become about serving reactionary confusion and the flawed vested interests they bring.
    1. Two striking examples would be the misunderstanding of the needs of the genders. This lack of listening creates policies and policing that is immensely damaging to human beings and society. The depths of it are not seen and so man goes from inflicting one injury on himself to another.
    2. And the management of industry and land.
    And yes not one country on Earth (there are 195) has an agricultural policy that is born of this deeper listening that is clearly awakened in the work of Allan Savory and his holistic action insights that is absolutely abundantly clear.
    I do not doubt for one moment that the politicians that go into the work they do do it because of heart based reasons. But that’s not the issue I point to. The issue I point to is the lack of awareness that wields that passion.
    Wesley Dolphin replied :
    Nathan Curry
    Philosophical wizardry and theological genius tends to weary the mind and dwarfs the flower in its bud.
    Speak to the soul with words that nourish the heart, for love is a pearl of great price and all else becomes an overburden.
    Endless phraseology are unnecessary hurdles to jump over, and hoops to jump through. Just my thoughts.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Wesley Dolphin we can run away in cleverness and narcisstic evasion and cunning. We cannot hide. We have been running for a long time. Hiding is not a game I choose to play anymore.
    Patrice Ayme commented :
    Ernest Krolick what’s the robotic Obama supposed to mean?
    Ted Wrigley commented :
    Cognitive trap…what!…WTF does that mean……maybe something like “I’m a educated guy..’ ‘ look mom the words I know !’
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Ted Wrigley It is the disease of the female in the West talking. In the East the disease is with the male.
    And you can’t point the finger at either because both play a part and blame does not heal. They both come from the same wound of misunderstanding and both create patriarchal societies, matriarchal societies and feminism – all of which are doomed to create unhappy angry and unfulfilled people. This is healed only by humanism.
    Only understanding the nature of the 3 matters.
    When we overlook the triune symmetry of mother, father, child – we create the repeating war between the sexes and the deeper healing that is implied is lost.
    We run from pillar to post under the intoxication of our shallow ego pride which is caught in a reactive blindness that cannot even see what it is doing.
    Hence you have 51% divorce rate in the United States and the vanity of reactive feminism (insecure women trying to take control) versus the vanity of insecure men trying not to cede it. And you just can’t get out of that mess using the old model. You have to understand the holy trinity of father (masculine), mother (feminine), child.
    Until you do that you leave a trail of carnage and bitter churches and ruined land and broken homes, pestilence and disease and the clamoring broken cries of unhealed healers.
    To see beyond this as I advocate very clearly you must learn to listen.
    Irade Alexi Helligar commented :
    I really like how AOC serves her community. She is one of the best things happening in the USA right now.
    Patrice Ayme commented :
    Did the AOC, the Absolutely Optical Contraption, ever say something not “WOKE capital”? The question is not whether AOC serves her community of potentates: she does, of course. The question is does she serve civilization?
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Patrice Ayme brother I honor all your gifts. Wholeheartedly. Yet the eons of condemned holograms, please see, most gently. most softly, they have drawn to a close now.
    Patrice Ayme replied :
    Thanks, but I feel confused like a modern version of Metoposaurus algarvensis. Do you mean AOC fools no one now?
    Nathan Curry commented :
    I am only interested in seeing all from the watchtower of my present state. I cannot see myself changing. I am certain that it is inevitable that everything aligns with that though. How do I know? I corrected the error at source.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Parmenides and Pythagoras live. As do the tantric cults that came before all the madness that is now extinguished in me.
    Patrice Ayme replied :
    Parmenides and Pythagoras live…. How? New wisdom without new science is hard to achieve, and rarely available. And why do we need new? Because ancient solutions are precisely old.
    Nathan Curry replied :
    Patrice Ayme they live because logos is a living thing.
    Nathan Curry commented :
    Patrice Ayme when you look from above the freneticism of time you see with the eyes of the timeless. Then sanity is and insight is about listening down deep in the dark places where the treasures are. Root oneself there and psychological inflation is gone. “Forget impossible” flowers from the roots of an every living ancient symmetry.
    Patrice Ayme commented :
    One should know that the tyrant Antipater, destroyer of Greek democracy, was the executor of his dear friend Aristotle’s will. And then one should meditate the notion. Poison works better, if it’s sweet.…/aristotle…/

    Nathan Curry replied :
    Patrice Ayme I recommend the work of Peter Kingsley in this arena. Pythagoras takes some nuanced insight to fathom. As does Parmenides. Bringing their work as it was intended back into the forefront of human sanity and reviving the deeper meaning of common sense, and the living awareness of logos in general, including the revival of the tantric mystics of Ancient Hyperion is my ongoing focus now.

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