Post 40

What I have seen the last few days will irrevocably transform humanity. All war, all pestilence, all pain gets healed at source. The apocalypse means the end of the Armageddon myth, the end of savior figures, the ascent of Sophia, the end of altruism and the resurrection of humanism. The death of patriarchy and matriarchy and the resolution of guilt and warring economies. The end of disease and tax havens and the complete eradication of standing armies, police forces, famine and drought. The deserts will be reclaimed and the earth will be made whole again. The realization of the flowering of the triune society and the evolution of man out of his primitive state and his church of lack is. This is the end of the madness of Aristotle and Plato and the mad prophets of the Sinai and the non tantric sects of India. A new world arises from the ash of our ignorance. Sanity is restored and the wanton pain of our medical systems and agricultural perversity is addressed. The House of Cards once seen through falls, and in its wake we incubate a new Earth liberated of the scourge of false churches and false economies – all the children of blind prophets.

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